Skiing in a dream

To good or bad to dream of skiing? This question will answer different dreams.

What dream ski, dream interpretation

What dream ski, dream interpretation

A modern dream book

Contemplated skiing in a dream – in reality wait for joyful event.

When you had a chance to ski in my sleep from the mountains, so, in reality, a heavy thing will be a resounding success.

In the dream, you saw the sign of the cross marks the passage of ski – in reality you have to face proceedings in a love relationship.

If in your dream was the track that meandered through the snowy forest, most likely, you will be able to make the right choice.

When in a dream ski was water, then waking you expect great entertainment or a stressful situation.

Skis can mark and follow you back heavy memories of the distant past.

When you are really sick and saw in a dream the sport of skiing, wait for the imminent healing. When healthy, this dream may portend financial expenses.

Dream Interpretation Longo

In the dream book of romance, which had to go, means that you soon need to change the familiar surroundings, otherwise your life will be filled with failures, hardships, losses. All the things that you are afraid of losing, will become a symbol of your future difficulties.

Dream broken skis are predicting the emergence of obstacles in life – the goal that you set yourself up for a very long time, can not be achieved. But the limp not worth it, better to continue with great tenacity, then everything will work out.

Took the ski in a dream hire? Be awake to communicate with the child familiar people, and the child will amaze you with a serious question the answer to which will be very difficult.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Contemplated skiing in a dream – you expect a sudden joyful event.

You had to move on skis in the heavy snow – will get to perform something that will be difficult.

Sledding down the hill on skis – wait for a good turn of events that seem unfavorable.

Saw in a dream as someone competing on the slopes, possible diseases and stagnation in the conduct of Affairs.

The uncertainty in a love relationship dream crosses the ski trail.

Noticed a trail that ran between snow-covered trees – your choice is sure to be correct. Whatever you decide to start, it will succeed in the hands.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Skiing in the dream are treated as too long-term relationship and business.

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