What does it mean to dream about barbecue?

Had a kebab – what does that mean?

barbecue in dreams

Had a kebab — what?

Spring dream interpretation

Campfire shashlik can dream up for disappointment. Perhaps you offended your friend, but I don’t know about it in real life.

Summer dream

Barbecue on the interpreter can dream up fun spending time in good company of loved ones.

Autumn dream interpretation

A dream in which you see a kebab, is interpreted as the expectation of future trouble. Perhaps you are lucky, you will witness a tragic event.

Culinary dream book

To dream of a barbecue, which you eat in the company of friends, or to anything good the dream will not. Most likely, in real life your friends will try to draw you into the adventure or invited to take part in the entertainment, but after these events, you will experience shame.

Dream Interpretation Adaskina

If the dreamer sees the dream in which he is present at the barbecue, surrounded by nature, among friends and looking forward to live this meat, in real life he will be involved in the adult entertainment according to the plan of their comrades.


Kebab in a dream warns about the danger of trouble. A dream in which you clearly see yourself resting on the nature with friends, can talk about questionable activities in which you have to participate in someone else’s fault. So before you accept offers from good friends in real life, they should be good to consider. On dubious Scam, it is better not to go, not to remember the shameful history of life.

Thank you for every day of the week

Kebab in a dream portends trouble. But if to speak about dreams from Sunday to Monday, then nothing catastrophic would happen. This is just a hint of danger.

If you had a dream from Monday to Tuesday, in which you eat a kebab, then we can expect changes in life.

Dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday has to be interpreted depending on the circumstances. Do not rely on people you don’t trust.

Dream from Wednesday to Thursday can be considered prophetic, but trouble can be avoided if you pay attention to details and warning signals.

Sleep from Thursday to Friday has a great importance to the dreamer. Do not succumb to temptation.

The person had a kebab in a colored dream, should be able to take advantage of this hint to avoid trouble. Remember details of the dream, comes from Friday to Saturday.

If you had this culinary delicacy from Saturday to Sunday, you do not need to make any decisions and to give rest to your subconscious.

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