Sleep: had a sister

How many downers, so many values. Here are some of the interpretations of this dream.

Sleep sister

Dream about sisters — what?

Small dream book of Veles

Sister dreamed a dream – something good maybe you will get a gift. If he dreamed, cousin, beware of the slander, deceit, who can you offend.

The newest dream book

A dream, where is your sister, get help from women.

Children’s dream book

Sister – a symbol of the scandal.

A modern dream book

This dream indicates that sister in her sleep – a sign of good health.

The parting with my sister means losing someone’s help, you’ll be left alone with their problems.

Sister dies in the dream – your financial well-being shattered.

Spring dream interpretation

The sister had a dream – soon you will help.

Dream nurse – you’ll be frustrated.

Dream Interpretation Tarot

In this dream, the sister promises a reward for a job well done.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Dream sister, you need support, a good friend. If sister dream woman, she will be problems in personal relationships.

Autumn dream interpretation

Sister dreamed? It is soon to be a disease.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To see your sister means that you will find anger, nervousness, disorder, possible changes in life.

Dreamt that sister go? This is a good sign that you expect well-being. If sister die, so you don’t know what awaits you in the future, feel the indecision, the confusion.

A strange woman called you sister so, soon will walk on someone’s wedding.

If you had a sister your husband, your home will have peace and harmony.

Had a cousin bring into your life strife and problems.

Family-dream on sister

Dream about sister-in-law says about the obsessive protection over you a man. Someone wants to control your activities.

Dream book 2012

Dream of elder sister – then you need a friend, a caring attitude.

Saw in a dream the little one? You have a desire to support, to protect another person.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Seen in a dream sister means obstacles in your endeavors, excessive patronage.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

The conversation with my sister in a dream indicates that you are surrounded by good and caring.

French dream book

Dream about your sister? Beware: you will catch, a betrayal by the inner circle.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Here the image of the sisters associated with expected future unpleasant surprises. A dream where the fight with your sister, foretells disappointment, unfulfilled dreams. Farewell to the sister point to a difficult phase in your life where nowhere to seek support.

If sister die, then your financial distress. Appeared you half-sister? Get ready for that soon all and Sundry will start to climb into your life by the advice and teachings will receive from all sides.

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

Dream dream sister is a proof that you are in need of care, friendship, caring.

Also, this dream can mean the emergence of a variety of concerns, busy bustle.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Sister is the image which symbolizes the rivalry between the relatives, the age-old feud of Cain and Abel.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

To see my sister, then to experience irritation, anger, discontent. Put sister in the trough – to do something nasty. Perhaps your sister is waiting for a quick marriage. If in the dream she dies, you will find trouble. When you see a sister sick, might be sick.

Dream for bitches

Appeared in a dream? So you have annoying fan, which you can’t get rid of.

Conversations or games with your sister means that someone is looking for the opportunity to be with you close friends for selfish purposes.

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