What does it mean to see silver in a dream?

Silver is a noble metal which visions may have quite different meanings. To dream of silver – what is it?

what dreams silver

What dreams silver? What does this dream mean?

Family dream book

What dreams silver? His vision must be seen as a reminder that happiness and harmony within not always depend on the amount of human wealth. Find a dream coin of silver in real life stalking you poverty, you often think about money.

Also you hasty people who prefer to get what I want here and now. Had Cutlery made of silver – ahead for trials, trouble.

A modern dream book

This silver dream expresses your desire to have wealth. Trying at any price to improve their financial situation, you could find yourself in a stupid situation. Had a discovery in the form of silver money you are too demanding of others, to notice even the most minor flaws.

Do not rush to judge people without knowing the true causes of their actions. To see jewelry made of silver – you ambitious person and suffer from unsatisfied desires.

Love dream interpretation

To dream of silver jewelry you will soon receive from the man an expensive gift, which did not count.

Ancient Persian dream book

What dreams silver? It is rather a good sign than bad. For men it promises advantageous marriage, by which he can climb the corporate ladder. The woman sees the chests filled with silver to successfully get married.

If had silver in combination with gold to success at work. If you dream you are melting down the silver, someone wants to build to slander you.

English dream interpretation

Collect the silver coins – if they are large, at work, successfully completed a big project or initiative will be a success. If small coins – to the worries, trouble, vexation. Pay money for something or if you paid with silver – dream success for traders.

There are silver dishes – to poverty, the loss of money. To know that silver is fake, you are cheating someone, because of his betrayal you are experiencing stress.

Married dream interpretation

Silver in a dream symbolizes money as their income and expenses. To see massive things made of silver, an expensive purchase that will blast a hole in your budget; buy graceful silver statuette – will be able successfully to invest money; to see a chest filled with silver, a bargain.

If silver had the patient, the disease will retreat soon.

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