What dream sick in the dream

To see yourself in a dream sick – not pleasant. But that doesn’t always mean a bad omen. There are many interpretations, consider the most accurate and popular.

Dream sick

What does it mean to dream of a sick person

Dream Interpretation Filomena

A dream in which appears a sick man, means that over the sleeping exhibit excessive care and attention, showing him the hidden negative side. If you dream of a seriously ill person, this is a sign that all difficulties and problems are temporary and quickly resolved. If you see yourself in a dream sick, then your body fights disease, showing immense perseverance. If in the dream you helped the patient, you can expect promotion and career development. Your efforts will be appreciated.

Dream Meridian

A dream about a sick child is hard, which you are thoroughly looked after and given medicines means that you will come out of all troubles, difficulties and problems.

English dream interpretation

If the young man saw himself in a dream sick, he should think about his friends. Maybe he got into bad company, so he needs as soon as possible to break up with her again. If he does not, she’s going to be big trouble and problems. Encouraging the interpretation submitted in the English dream interpretation: patients in reality, the people who saw ourselves as in a dream, you can be happy to advance the recovery from a painful disease.

Oriental dream book

If a man saw himself sick, this suggests that he will commit a disgraceful act. If patients were friends or family they need to pay more attention to and support them.

Muslim dream interpretation

If anybody sees himself in a dream to the sick, it is a favorable sign: that of a man waiting for success, fulfillment of desires, a safe and quiet life for a long time.

Combined dream book

A dream in which sick people were scorched by the sun or fire the grass – direct evidence of a possible environmental disaster. If the patient is in the dream recovered, then a problem situation in your life will be successfully resolved. If a loved one or relative died – expect problems in his personal life.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you see yourself in a dream to the sick to the doctor, wait for trouble at work or home. If you’re in the dream do not know what disease they suffer, in reality, expect unsettling developments. To dream of the sick – a sign that the dreamer needs to rest and escape from everyday Affairs. Moral fatigue and nervous tension can play with the man a malicious joke.

If the person saw himself in a dream to the sick, it does not mean that everything is bad. There are exceptions. Ringworm on the head of the dreamer indicates great wealth. If you see yourself in a dream covered with boils, don’t worry: it promises a huge income and profit.

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