That means shot in your sleep?

A terrible sound is emitted from the muzzle of the gun a bullet is probably one of the worst sounds to humans. Downers shots, sounds in dreams, give different interpretation as positive or negative.

dream interpretation a shot

Dream shot: which means this dream?

The dream dictionary from A to z

If after the shot, the bullet flew over the head of a sleeping person, it means that fate is favorable to him and gives him a second chance. Of the dreamer are waiting for new businesses, the implementation of plans. What he saw shot in the stomach alerts the person about the need to pay special attention to important issues. Soon he will get important information that will help to reach the heights. Seemed shot in a dream right in the heart? This is a warning from the subconscious that the dreamer must restrict their emotions, do not let them take possession of the mind. To hear shots in the dream — the news, the accuracy of which is questionable. True or not, will be able to learn later.

Dream Book Of Veles

If the result of the shot was a mortal wound, and the sleeper knows he’s gonna die, then he will quarrel with friends and abuse from the inner circle. Running in my sleep from shooting people or hide from shots to catch at work, in business. Business partners or colleagues prepare against the serious dreamer conspiracy. Attempts to hide from the sniper shoots, and the shots that warns of sleeping unwillingness to answer for their actions. The behavior of the dreamer will provoke a quarrel with relatives.

Oriental dream book

Self-shooting in her sleep in the sky, to the empty waste of their own forces. The problems should be solved without the participation of emotions and feelings, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. Shot in a dream close to finding a new and strong love. During the experience the person experiences an irresistible craving for his mate. If the shot was fired from a pistol, the dreamer must temper your anger and learn to let go of resentments, to forgive people.

Family dream book

To shoot his sister in her sleep, a sudden drastic changes in life. Most likely, the sleeping expects changing jobs or moving to another city, country. What dreams shot her own father? A dream foretells the accomplishment of the nefarious act, which would entail breaking the link with friends and family. Of the dreamer, they get lonely. To avoid this, it is necessary to carefully analyse and consider their actions.

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