What dreams shooting

A sharp sound, the danger, the chase and shooting rarely causes pleasant associations. And what will you dream of shooting?

dream interpretation shooting

Dream interpretation: what does the shooting

English dream interpretation

What dreams shooting – if in the dream you shot a bird and hit it, it’s a sign that whatever you’re doing, you will succeed. This applies to both work and personal life.

If you have a business, he will be successful. If you were able to get to a bird of prey, an eagle or a hawk, so can cope with the machinations of detractors.

Into the woods to shoot game – foretells unexpected money, wealth. Hunting, but never hit the target – conceived fail.

The American dream

If you dream you shot someone, it means that in reality you would really like to change myself, to get rid of certain traits to become better.

If shooting in sleep were conducted at a target, in reality you are very focused on their goal and are making all efforts to achieve it.

If you dream that shot you, you feel insecure, you precipitate a man.

Interpretation Of Freud.

To hunt for game, small animals, shoot in the woods the birds – in reality you suffer from an inferiority complex from the fact that the partner does not satisfy your sexual desires. Secretly you believe that this is due to your physical disabilities. It also tells about your stubbornness, and aggressiveness. Maybe you are hostile to children, at this point in time I would not like to have them.

The firing of any weapons, such as firearms and archery, symbolizes a sexual act.

A modern dream book

If you dream you shoot a bow, your career is under the protection of a powerful patron. Target shooting – you finally have your priorities straight in your own life.

If shooting in a dream lasts a long time, solving problems will be delayed. Had a dream that you hear far away the sound of shooting, you will be able to find information from which you can benefit.

If in your dream you shot and never missed – I’ll do anything you want.

Gypsy dream book

This dream interpretation shooting, seen in a dream, for a woman is a warning. Her lover treats her not so serious, as if she wanted to, the marriage risks to be unsuccessful.

To shoot in a dream – you know what you want, and know how to achieve this, you have enough confidence.

To hunt an animal, shooting a bow, you have conceived a risky venture, but if you are attentive, you will succeed.

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