What dream shoes, dream interpretation

A dream in which appeared men’s shoes can mean many things – from well-being in life to a quarrel and breakup with a loved one. The interpretation of the dream depends on the details of the dream and the specific situation.

Dream interpretation Slippers

What does it mean to dream of shoes

Dream Interpretation Filomena

A dream about shoes has a favourable interpretation. He promises success in the developed case, changes for the better, meeting interesting people and travel. If a girl or woman dreams of men’s shoes, she will soon meet her future husband. She needs to take the first step as a future husband is afraid and does not dare to approach this issue. Ragged shoes – a warning that you need to be alert and cautious. Evil men build traps for you.

The color of the shoes is also of paramount importance: the red shoes – to prosperity and peaceful family life, black is a warning about the shortcomings of your second half. If the boy had shoes of white color, it has the opportunity to marry the extraordinary beauty.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

A person puts in the dream, just bought shoes, can rejoice: their well-being ensured for a long period of time. To dream of shoes on display in the store is a bad sign. You will miss the chance to improve their financial situation. Buying baby shoes – up to good news. If the person in the dream trying on shoes, but they did not fit, he should be ready to misunderstanding and even quarrels with loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Miller G.

Shod in new shoes in a dream – an auspicious sign: you expect good fortune and success. For men, it could still presage increase of wages. See old shoes – you will find traps and obstacles on the road to success. If in the dream the lovers saw some person in my shoes is a bad sign. Your spouse leaves you and find another, or another.

Esoteric dream book

Dream about that you just acquired the men’s boots with laces in successful business relationships. If the shoes were dirty and served their age, expect unpleasant empty hassle and negotiations with unimportant people.

Dream Meridian

If you dream you were trying on shoes – expect changes. Daily life the procedure you are tired, so are you willing at any price to change habitual existence. If a young girl trying on in the Shoe store, even waiting for the appearance of the groom.

Ukrainian dream book

So interpreted the dream of the Ukrainian dream: neat shoes in dreams symbolize an upcoming road trip or. If the Shoe was torn, the probability that someone from the distant relatives will die. If a boot gets sole – wait loss, loss, or misfortune.

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