Shoes in a dream

Saw in a dream the shoes and want to know what does the dream? Dream books offer different interpretations depending on type and condition had shoes, and your actions in the dream.

What dreams shoes

What dreams shoes

Medieval dream book

What dreams shoes: new – a dream promises wealth, to wear it is going to be happy and rich; old, torn shoes warns about deception and loss, to put her to some serious complications in life.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Had shoes, your problem has a solution; saw someone else’s shoes – you should listen to the authoritative opinion.

Wore new shoes for luck, luck, cash receipts, a new love; saw a lot of pairs of shoes in the store – you have to maintain a relationship with multiple people or choose a way of several ways; saw or wore worn, torn shoes, to the problems of life.

Esoteric dream book

What dream of new shoes – the dream foretells good fortune; used, dirty shoes – trouble; to repair shoes – problem solved, but you need to work.

Dream Meridian

Trying shoes in the dream, the promise of change in life; for girls – acquaintance with the beloved; long fitting – multiple intimate relationships simultaneously.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Dream shoes dream interpretation promise a trip; new – sign help, new businesses and relationships; old stuck in the same business or relationships; the close symbol of the difficulties in communication, the wrong lessons; torn – trouble, divorce, illness of relatives; non-standard, inadequate case – to the misses and hits in weird situations or uncommon places.

To take off their shoes in a dream – to change of employment or relationship to someone.

Lose the shoes from one foot to seriously doubt the need to continue the job or socializing with someone.

Ukrainian dream book

Shoes in a dream – to the road or journey; a new – to meet or deception; ragged – to-death in the family; with loose soles – up to the disaster, loss.

Dream Interpretation Cheremenskiy

Shoes in a dream – a symbol of marriage; the old, used – to an unhappy marriage; convenient, suitable size – to a long marriage; with the broken-off heel – to disputes with the loved, lost a Shoe or shoes on one foot – there is a threat of divorce.

Erotic dream book

To dream of new shoes, a beautiful reflection of well-being in private life; old, dirty, ragged, a symbol of problems in sexual relationships, or gossip about your reputation.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Buying shoes in a dream – to find a new job; selling – until the return of long-forgotten old friend.

To see buy or sell shoes – a change of job for someone of your surroundings.

To wear in the dream of new shoes – a quick change; old – big fail.

Throw shoes – a warning about the scandal at work.

A modern dream book

If you dream of shoes – to go on the road; the road is good, you will overcome it easily, in a good mood; dirty – heavy, you will be in conflict, need and yearn; new – a harbinger of joy; the old warning about future troubles and poverty; female – to road, of happy love, a quick, but short-lived luck.

Put on shoes – to a successful business trip; wear sport models shoes will have to walk or run to bring his plans to life, to wear wooden shoes – to achieve well-being with frugality; to wear shoes in the house – to total freedom and confidence on the street – because of its slackness and inattention you can get into an awkward situation; to wear unfashionable, but comfortable and durable shoes, to speedy and effective decision of problems the simplest way.

What a dream to measure shoes: you made a decent offer, take it without doubt.

Shoes close – a dream warns of obstacles to your plans, take safety measures; too big – not sprayed, focus on the most important matters, otherwise you don’t complete any of his endeavours; on one leg – you have a one-sided view of the problems, change the angle of view; odd – you need a trustworthy companion, otherwise it will be difficult to implement planned in life.

To borrow his shoes – until rivals or opponents.

To repair shoes, to enjoyment; to change – to the life changes; to clean – to establish cases and relationships.

The loss of the Shoe in a dream – to the difficulties and obstacles in the implementation of the plan, delays in the cases; the damage shoes to the disruption of plans due to lack of preparation for possible obstacles.

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