Dream interpretation: dream ship

Had a ship? This is not necessarily a symbol of a long journey. What does dream interpretation?

What a dream ship dream interpretation

What a dream ship dream interpretation

Idiomatic dream book

In this dream, the ship is to win in all endeavors, leaving behind all the enemies and competitors.

Women’s dream book

Had a ship in calm weather is a good sign, portends a surge your activities in life, work will go to the mountain, you will achieve respect and recognition from colleagues. But if I see a ship caught in a storm, is to failure, the collapse of plans.

To see yourself in a dream on Board during the accident the ship your plans change unexpectedly die during the accident the ship will let you down friends. Warships having to long separation from family and loved ones.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

The ship symbolizes the path that you have to do to achieve your goals. To sail on the ship – it’s time to change your life, get out of the comfort zone, to learn to think outside the box. If the ship begins to swing, you are afraid of losing control over your life. If the ship is sinking – soon you will overcome regrets about what you failed to do because of their own laziness.

Esoteric dream book

To see the ship – to new beginnings. To be on the ship – you work a lot with people, but with a little time alone. To sail on the ship somewhere- you want to radically change your life. See how you sail on the ship, and loved ones left behind – in real life your relationship will be a little cooler. To be on a sinking ship are you sorry you gave in to public opinion.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To see the ship in a dream for the mother of adult children means impending separation from them. To sail on the ship – for women this dream promises changes in his personal life. To go from ship to land – to a marriage. For a patient to dream of the ship sliding through the waves – an unfavorable character to death. To see how the ship is sinking the hopes did not materialize.

To see how the ship sails along a narrow river, means that soon will be a chance to show myself at work.

For couples in love dream with the wreck of the ship is a bad omen to quarrel. If the crash saw a married man is to the disease of his wife.

Had a ship with large sails in the near future you will have to defend their reputation.

If you dream you are building a ship, this should be regarded as a good sign. Especially important it is for people engaged in entrepreneurial activity – the business will develop.

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