What dream shells

We all admire the shells, the jellyfish, at the sea or at the bottom of the water world. But in our dreams, the turtles are not always positive messengers of the events. To find out what dream shell, you should familiarize yourself with a number of different interpreters.

what dream shells

What dream shells

Dream Interpretation Freud

According to intimate dream, seashells symbolize the female sexual organ. If it does not empty well empty says problems sexually, inflammation, etc. Mollusk means passivity, shyness in sexual contact. Try to loosen up, get pleasure from life, begin to trust your partner on the bed.

Esoteric dream book

Bug portends minor problems, trouble at work. Also possible conflicts in the family. Dream choose from the many turtles, some – like myself to create issues. Failed in my dream to find a shell which houses a pearl – wait for big love, happiness, reciprocity.

French dream book

In this dream interpretation shells with a pearl – have to travel to distant exotic countries. The trip will be a success, you might find your love. Picked up the shell and cut yourself – don’t try to hide their problems, to pretend that nothing is happening. The loss of time can lead to disastrous consequences. Collecting shells on a string – no need to fuss in the incarnation of your goals, your actions can become the obstacle to the target.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

An empty shell that you from family and friends no trust, in any case, very soon you will lose it. In a dream house full of turtles, with beautiful form – wait for the successful completion of his case. Collect the sea shells and see a huge number of them – you are very wasteful. To delay expenditure, do not buy expensive and unnecessary things.

Women’s dream book

Walk along the shore and collect beautiful seashells – wasting time with unnecessary hassle, wasted finances and energy. For the sleeping little things are more important than the urgent thing you should pay attention to. You should adjust your daily routine, expenses, and everything will gradually improve. Strung on a string for the other person will create obstacles in another case.

People’s dreams

Shell – execution of all plans. If you dream that while walking on the shore of the blue sea saw one, then another, then another, lots of shells, all your hopes will come true. The main thing – not to lose heart and hope for the best.

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