The sheep had

Sheep or RAM is a well – known symbol of the near crazy, authority or undue stubbornness. Learn dream interpretation sheep from dream books.

What dream sheep

What dream sheep

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Sheep in a dream – a symbol of cowardice, submissiveness, lack of independence and inertia.

Had a bleating sheep – you will be disappointed in one of his friends because of his cowardice and submission; delivery of the sheep – to the concerns related to children; lambs – to the disappointment in their children because of their bad behavior.

Seasonal dream interpretation

Sheep in dream is interpreted as indecision, caution; rushing in to of uncertainty about their future or the need to communicate with a stupid person; a sheep herd on a meadow – to the difficulties and problems in business.

Medieval dream book

Long-haired sheep healthy profits, cut – to financial losses; herd sheep – to be rich.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Dream sheep dream interpretation interpret as a symbol of compliance, compromise and apathy.

To see the sleeping sheep surrounded by lambs – will be loved for her kindness and sacrifice.

Oriental dream book

To see a large flock of fat sheep – a sign of happiness, health and good luck in everything; emaciated, skinny sheep predicting the collapse of plans and false hopes and dreams.

French dream book

Dream sheep – a dream promises joy, prosperity and fulfillment of desires; fight sheep – a sign of hard work, which will not bring satisfaction or compensation; to shear sheep, to the receipt of an inheritance or proceeds of a transaction.

Esoteric dream book

To dream of lambs to the protection of the higher forces and possibilities fearlessly to risk; to cut them to profit; paste to the concern for the behavior of friends.

To see a herd of – well-being; to stay in the fold – good luck and good luck in everything.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

Sheep in a dream – a sign of friendship, wealth, health and happiness; cut to great profit; stabbed to death – a symbol of poverty; white is to snow and fidelity of friends; black – the rain or deceit imaginary friends; lambs – up to well-being, tranquility and a profitable business.

A large flock of sheep – to the contentment of his life, to feed her to gain significant assets.

A modern dream book

What dream sheep: one sheep – to get acquainted with the person who will change your ideas about life, or of obtaining reliable patron for women; with lambs – to the best Affairs and peace.

Flock of sheep – to the health, profit, unexpected good luck, a speedy meeting with friends, happiness in the house, lots of fun with the kids; sleeping sheep to acquire new friends, escaping to the quarrels with the children due to their disobedience; a dead sheep is a sign of anxiety and grief, possible loss of dear person.

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