What does a dream in which you see the handkerchief?

Sometimes diametrically opposed interpretations of this symbol is associated with the cultural heritage of the nation. Each dream can offer value of this method depending on its color and accessories – the bow, the main or for tying on the neck. The handkerchief in the dream may portend tears (bow), change of status or a desire to hide from everyone and to reflect, the news (main), but love will say the scarf on the neck, in particular silk.

dream interpretation justme

What dreams shawl

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of a handkerchief (bow) – alas, in tears, sad news. This is especially true black. Clean, white, disease as well as a letter with good news.

Black head on several women to a mourning event. Black shawl for lovers, strangely enough, means a strong relationship. Head or bow in a large cell, such as newsletters.

A flower – courtship (the proposal).

If someone is standing in a headscarf – to the possible diseases that person.

Small dream book of Veles

Scarf – to the pleasant news, email, alerts, Goodies (gift). White to ill-health, but also to a possible meeting with members of the opposite sex. He will have pure intentions.

Yellow – to separation. Red – to increase the body temperature (inflammation), as well as an acquaintance, not devoid of passion. But sexy will attract each other these people or just be very annoying – is unknown.

Torn, the old to gossip. Will wash the bones. Black shawl in a dream – to sadness, even the possibility of the news of the death. But not necessarily about the death of a loved or friend. Alternatively, the dreamer in reality may witness a funeral procession, and the deceased do not even know.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Beautiful, new, bright scarf to gift. Tie them down – have to pull myself together to finish the job, which is very promising. Perhaps going on a business trip or trip to visit.

If your handkerchief a woman sees in another is a sign of what lies ahead waiting for certain tests. They need to move with dignity.

Nasal (of cotton fabric) promise sadness and tears. Net – for waste, loss (before the people in them kept the money because the purses were not available to everyone). But dirty – to the obvious acquisition of wealth.

Esoteric dream book

Granted – will tell you that you can expect some trouble. They will present someone from relatives. Buy – to hope for help from outside. To sell – to the problems that need to be addressed in the family of the dreamer. To wear on his head, to protect, protection. If in a scarf who is in trouble of the dreamer will not leave.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

Give this accessory to the attempt to help, but the result is not the best.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

If the bow had expected tears. The main – change.

Universal dream

Silk scarf – the symbol of love. The bow is interpreted as a sign of good breeding, which is lacking to the one who in the dream appears next to this item. Big money – that’s what dreams blindfold, if he is from dirt. The color – to sad events.

Wave it to attract attention or goodbye. To wipe the nose – fortunately. Wipe hands with them – to the neglect of the dreamer to others. Need to reconsider its position in relation to others.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Scarf – a symbol of the feminine. For men dream means that he has no problems in relations with the opposite sex. The woman that she did not have enough foreplay.

Handkerchief – a sign of emotion. Especially it says this accessory is designed for the neck. It means loving affection, which is only developing.

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