What dream shark in the dream

Shark – a real shark water world. What she dreams of, depends on the behavior of the predator in the dream.

Autumn dream interpretation

A shark attacking you in business, there will be changes for the better. If floating calmly to me.

Children’s dream book

The shark in your dream indicates hidden danger.

Russian folk dream interpretation

The shark embodies the cruelty. Saw in a dream – wait for aggression. Shark hunting – the confrontation with the enemies, killed the predator will emerge from the struggle victorious.

A sleeper shark

To dream shark

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Since ancient times, the shark was a symbol of evil and cruelty. What he saw in the water the shark tells about the enemies that are waiting for the right moment to deal with you. You should be selective in meeting new people. How to interpret this dream interpretation shark attacks you in a dream – soon to become a victim of the enemy, to hunt the predator to deal with enemies. To kill the shark is to defeat enemies, to get rid of bad calls.

Women’s dream book

According to this dream interpretation, if you are attacked by a shark, soon you can expect failure. Shark in the water – so be careful. While you relax and enjoy life, the enemies are preparing a lot of trouble. Dead shark means peace and well-being. Often I dream of shark you are dealing with a cunning man who gradually gains power over you.

Family dream book

To dream of a shark – you can overcome problems through their own efforts and devoted friends. Had a dream on Friday – will soon receive a profit. According to the dream book, a shark in a sea of blood means victory, which will be extracted only through decisive measures. Marine predator tears the prey apart – you have to make a choice between feelings and career growth.

Ukrainian dream book

Shark in a dream to the enemy, to catch a predator to have trouble.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Seeing a shark is to celebrate evil and scary person (people). If the fish frolic in the clear water, beware. While you are enjoying life, your enemies are preparing for you a big problem. In this dream a dead shark, you will soon gain peace. You got eaten by a shark – good news. Caught and processed by a Cougar – soon will meet a very good man.

The Dream Miller

This sleeper shark in the water represents evil and terrible enemies. Are attacked by sharks – you expect failure, sharks in the water – the jealous detractors and prepare a big problem. Saw a dead Cougar – soon there will come a time of peace and happiness.

Jewish dream interpretation Azar

Was found with a shark in your dreams – be careful, you are in danger.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon

The shark is an evil enemy, the envious, you should be selective in meeting new people.

Erotic dream book

Sharks in dreams represent a brutal opponents. The shark attack – you are in big trouble and failure, and treason. Perhaps your favorite (-a) are addicted to your opponent (-kom). To see a dead shark soon expect peace and balance.

Dream Interpretation Freud

The shark in the dream – your friend has a tough character, and he likes to dominate you, even in bed. You need to deal with him and openly say that satisfied in terms of intimate relationships and what not.

Spring dream interpretation

Eat shark – unfortunately, kill – defeat your enemies, the predator with open mouth – you have a powerful enemy.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Shark in dreams – to meet with aggressive people who have evil intentions.

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