What dream shampoo in the dream

What to see shampoo in her sleep?

shampoo dream

To see shampoo in her sleep

Home dream interpretation

Shampoo dream of clearing my mind. After this dream the main thing is to make a decision.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

If you thought in the dream that you thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo, be wary. Such a dream warns of trouble. We should not rush to participate in dubious enterprises. It takes time to spread out thoughts «on the shelves». This dream can be interpreted in another way: a moment of weakness can ruin a strong case that was built over the years. If in your dream there is a man washing your head, we can assume that reality is a fascinating trip incognito. After this trip you will become a different person.

Dream healer Akulina

In the dream shampoo stands as a symbol of a new period in your life, end all failures. Very soon your business will go up, everything will work out. Imagine for a moment you get a good lather your hair, the foam is formed, which scatters in all directions. The shampoo helps to wash away oil and dirt, after which the hair becomes silky again. Here so happens in life. All the bad things go away, and come good band.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Because the shampoo into real life we use to clean the skin of the head, hair care, in the dreams he can only appear to people in real life, you know – will soon have to clear your head from unnecessary thoughts, to see the real purpose. In this dream the shampoo provides cleansing, intellect. If we consider this dream from the spiritual side, then this tool is an attempt to appear to our roots, to create a different, more pure connection with the spiritual essence.

Interpretation of sleep depending on the day of the week

Sleep from Sunday to Monday could not be prophetic. It is not necessary to treat it seriously. Night vision does not affect reality.

From Monday to Tuesday dreams come to those people who have time to remember them and even record. Positive events associated with the use of shampoo in a dream, portend a good start, success in business.

Sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday may presage a journey, the relationship with close relatives. Often come to remember the moments that were already in your life.

From Wednesday to Thursday of dreams that can come true. Only need to be able to decipher them correctly. You should pay attention to the details: who uses the shampoo, as this process occurs?

A dreamer who saw the shampoo in her sleep from Thursday to Friday, must tell others about this phenomenon. Prophetic dreams of this night come much more frequently and until they are, you can’t tell anyone about what he saw.

Sleep from Friday to Saturday, said about the upcoming events in life. Even failures can be eliminated if you have a clear mind.

From Saturday to Sunday can dream a dream that just analyzes your psychological condition.

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