Interpretation of dream: sulfur

When the sleeper sees sulfur, it signals family events, problems and ways of their solution. Also in the dream book about ser is it as signs of a successful financial transactions and profits.

What dream sulfur in the ears, dream interpretation

What dream sulfur in the ears, dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

If you see in a dream sulfur to be wary, because against you conceived the unclean thing. The more sulfur had, the more you will get in trouble.

  • Burning sulfur to the loss of property;
  • There are sulfur – to recover.

How do you clean the earwax in your ears?

  • Finger – search for a patron among the relatives, can help;
  • A wooden object – the person who was plotting against you bad – a close relative;
  • A metal object – you want evil very cruel man.

Old Russian dream book

This dream is the interpretation of the innocently convicted will be acquitted.

Spring dream interpretation

If you dream of Seurat, look closer to others, someone doing evil against you. Sulfur in the ears – trouble will involve home and family.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

If you see in a dream sulfur from the ears, do not expect good news. This dream portends problems in the family and the farm. Burning sulfur loss, loss of property. Sulfur in the ears of the other person – you can help him, this man needs your help.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

This dream book gives the most detailed interpretation of the dream. According to the source, it is a symbol of dirty thoughts, bad thoughts, image. The one who sees the sulfur in the ears, can become a victim of enemies or himself to conceive unkind to other people. Sulfur also may be a harbinger arrived in the house, you might acquire a new item or get a prize.

  • Get the wax out of his ear gets chego sulphur, expect difficulties, unpleasant events, strife and quarrels;
  • To clean the ears of sulfur – if you clean the wax from their ears, and it still remains, the origin of the trouble and problems you are guilty;
  • To remove the sulfur hurt, you will not be able to solve the problem painlessly;
  • A lot of sulfur in the ears – you are in big trouble.

Who have you seen sulfur in the ears?

  • At – you have to experience the trouble associated with your family, beloved man;
  • In a stranger – this man is in trouble, but to help him you will not be able;
  • The child – to illness of loved ones.

In some dream books the earwax from the ears may presage a profit, but getting a large material values is associated with dirty deeds and troubles. Such wealth will not bring success and prosperity to the house.

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