What dreams, what you eat sunflower seeds?

If you had seeds – this is a sign of opportunities, start projects that can generate revenue, strengthen relationships («ladder»). But because of their small size, they let you know about upcoming minor troubles, hassle or chit-chat (like while nibbling the seeds to grandmothers at an entrance).

Seeds in a dream

Which means seeds in a dream

A modern dream book

Seeds in a dream – to well-being and financial prosperity. But also, this symbol can remind us of the carelessness of the dreamer, fatigue, small showdown. The larger and darker the seeds, the brighter and happier upcoming event.

Germinate – to a conversation that time had long been to have. To delay will not happen.

For married women with troublesome Affairs, and can – and the replenishment of the family. For a young girl to meet the perfect partner.

Universal dream

This dream book treats seeds like talking about anything. But you need to watch your language. To hurt someone with words is what should be feared by the dreamer.

Is their – to fun meeting possible feast or meeting friends.

The Dream Miller

Wealth, a quick being a parent – that’s what dream seeds are black. Without husk – to declassification, a dedication to someone’s secret. Germinating – up to the successful travel, travel for work.

To nibble – to small, bean-counting work related reading material (documents), inspection.

Dream Interpretation Freud

A dream where the dreamer eats seeds, talks about his fruitful intimate relationships. Man such dreams promise the absence of problems with potency, the opportunity soon to be a father – while health at its peak. Women promise a pleasant affair with a great ladies ‘ man. You can trust him all the most secret desires.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

Peeled sunflower seeds – excessive revelations, they can be used by detractors. To nibble – fun time. But you have to be careful with topics of conversation, or communication may end with empty promises or even quarrel.

Fry, to buy seeds – so on the shoulders of the dreamer will fall a troublesome prepare a small feast.

What dream seeds are black – so it is to success.

Chinese dream interpretation

Pumpkin – before his son. He will grow up a decent man. Sunflower – change the view of myself, a possible reconsideration of relations with the outside world.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

According to this dream book, collecting seeds at a time – so, be wise educator of their children (parents do everything right). If you sow to a successful investment. Rotten – failures. Birds ate them – there will be waste which cannot be avoided. Perhaps such a purchase dreamer then you consider a waste of money.

It is therefore now important to wait with unexpected expenses, and designed to move. And not interfere with the restraint in words. Good – you can talk. About bad come to regret.

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