What does the sea seal in the book of dreams

These cute, a bit clumsy animals in dreams is a multivalued symbol. What dreams seal?

dream interpretation seal

What dreams seal different horoscopes?

Dream Interpretation Of Filomena

In this dream the seal is a symbol of laziness, unwillingness to commit actions. If you dream you see yourself among the seals, now is not the time to implement your goals.

To catch a seal, you will achieve the desired, but it will not be easy, it is necessary to exert all their strength.

To consider in the dream of the seal is a task that you set for yourself, too complicated.

Family dream book

If the seal had from Thursday to Friday, be ready for surprises, soon you will receive an original gift from a stranger. To see the seal in her sleep from Friday to Saturday – an unfavorable sign, he portends strife in your family. The older and younger members of the family cannot come to mutual agreement.

Dreamed that you come the seal – your work schedule is very stressful need a vacation.

The vision of the seals in a dream symbolizes your resilience, you will abandon all efforts to carry out their purpose.

A modern dream book

If you had a seal, it means that you have achieved success at work, but feel uneasy on the spot and not know how to strengthen their position.

If the seal is aggressive, you are ambitious and will fight for his professional name and reputation.

Gypsy dream book

In this dream, the seal of the sea, which you saw, it foretells that soon you’ll go fishing.

Family dream book

To kill seals in a dream – to embody the most incredible dreams. In the dream to see himself as a seal and soon you will overcome laziness. Had a hunt for the seal to reach the goal you have to work hard.

To see the seal that floats – your dream is very brave, for their implementation requires not only patience, but also luck.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

This dream symbolizes the seal your position on the team work. If you swim a seal, you will acquire a powerful patron and to find allies. To dream of many seals you have enough strong competitors to get noticed and appreciated by superiors, it is necessary to accentuate their strengths.

Hunt in a dream on the seal offers a place to work where you will be able to fully realize themselves.

If in the dream the seal was weak, the sick or dying – you’re worried that colleagues are not taking you seriously, but these fears were groundless.

If the seal was trying to play with you, you are too serious at work too, should be able sometimes to relax.

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