Scorpion in a dream

Portend something good Scorpions in the dream? Is the answer different interpreters.

What dreams Scorpio

What dreams Scorpio

Russian folk dream interpretation

In astrology Scorpio represents the cruel, evil nature, cunning actions, dastardly deeds. All this is due to the fact that this representative of the animal Kingdom commits an assault and kills its prey using the venomous sting.

Most often, the Scorpion can inflict deadly harm, what happens when strong anger. So this dream does not Bode well.

A modern dream book

Beheld Scorpion – wait for a secret hostility towards himself.

When had the Scorpio, which hit you with its stinger, in real life you are a victim of someone’s evil machinations.

Family dream book

When you had to dream of a Scorpion, in fact your so called friends will not fail to take the opportunity to hurt you and bring you out of balance. Therefore, we must be cautious with such friends and try to thwart their plans.

In reality your enemies or competitors will be caught in their set nets – this is what dreams of a Scorpion that stung itself.

You entered with a Scorpion in battle – in reality you need to be patient and not make any immediate action, otherwise you can get only one injury.

A Scorpion that stung and killed, portends a favorable situation – will escape an emergency situation or occurrence of disease. But it is not necessary to lose vigilance in relation to some situations.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Scorpio symbolizes the bad qualities of the person (anger, deceit, anger, envy and the like).

When you have seen a Scorpion killing its prey, that soon you will witness an unpleasant situation, and maybe will be in the ranks of the funeral procession.

Examining the insect collection in the dream you noticed among them a Scorpion – unfair play will not help your opponent, you still win.

Scorpio in a dream plunged its stinger in you – expect a trick or a blow from your friend. You seriously given the realization that this shameful act in your direction was sent by the person to whom you are accustomed to trusting attitude.

Caught in a dream Scorpions – then make a plan of revenge for their suffering. However, this only makes you worry about it even more.

Crushed Scorpion – fight with an enemy will lead his own in ways that will not allow you to have fun.

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