What a dream in which you see the scissors

scissors in a dream

To dream of scissors

Scissors consist of two ends, and every dream can be interpreted in two ways. At home, they are one of the main items to use, but, on the other hand, can cause damage. Often, the shears became the main attribute is divination. And dreams, in which appears important in everyday life subject, have different interpretations.

Autumn dream interpretation

Open the scissors symbolize the problems prepared for your detractors. Dropped the scissors on the floor – you will have unexpected guests. Scissors which nothing can be cut, that is stupid, mean that you are trying to deal with sensitive situations by applying gentle way of solving problems. Then there are the interpretations of various dream books, which you can use to find out what dream scissors in the dream. To dream, like something cut out with scissors, update wardrobe.

Summer dream

Sharpening scissors in a dream – to clean his house, waiting for a small repair chores on the farm. For University to cut something with scissors indicate failure in delivery of the introductory and final examinations, should be better prepared.

Spring dream interpretation

To dream of scissors – be careful. Someone from ill-wishers want to make an attempt on your life, to get revenge for all the trouble you he has unwittingly caused. Also scissors can dream to conflict with friends or family, rejection of love or friendship.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Modern dream interpretation scissors can mean gossip about your romantic adventures, the division of property. Cutting with scissors – it will soon become the owner of a material benefit, to cut the clothes of your wife in mortal danger. Cut the clothes with scissors to well-being, happiness, life changes for the better. Dreaming with a broken scissors means the imaginary harmony in family life, but in fact there are problems in the relationship. Sleep with a pair of scissors to unmarried women may be a harbinger of the imminent marriage, happiness, Dating with a nice man. Scissors for married people means adding to the family.

Women’s dream book

Dreaming with scissors – an unfavorable sign. Means discord in the family because of jealousy of his wife, young – quarrels and divorces, scandals. For business people – business problem, a bad partnership, vague prospects. Sharpened, scissors will have to deal with not very pleasant business. If the scissors break, you will do anything to get rid of them. A dream in which the scissors is broken, hold your temper, be softer in expressions and relationships, otherwise you will lose your friends.

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