Had a former school, downers

Dreams about school often shows uncertainty about the person’s insecurity in life and a desire to return to childhood. Also, these dreams can talk about children’s fears that an adult sleeper may not get rid of.

What dreams school dream interpretation

What dreams school dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

A dream in which you see students at recess, running down the stairs heralds the imminent take-off on the service line. If you sit at a Desk, behind which was sitting in my childhood, maybe soon you will have to experience disappointment, frustration. In the women’s dream school also symbolizes the presence of the sleeping tendencies to the Humanities.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

Dreams in which the action takes place in a school, indicate the presence of a sleeping literary talents, he is a creative person who is searching and in the process of self-realization. If you dream of school in which you have been once, you are waiting for minor troubles which will not affect your life.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

  • To be in school to pine for the past;
  • New – make mistakes;
  • Not to learn the lesson – do not go for the work to which you are not ready;
  • Getting lost in the corridors of the school – the fact that you have, is not feasible.

Italian dream

If in the dream, the sleeper enters the school, it symbolizes his unwillingness to make responsible decisions, the desire to get custody, get help. He lacks wisdom, he is afraid and does not want to be the master of your destiny.

Family dream book

To dream about school and children – a good sign. Maybe soon you will be able to Express themselves on the service field, and your contribution will be appreciated.

  • Teaching – the need to earn money and hated the work;
  • Teacher – you prefer a quiet life and do not want to take part in noisy activities;
  • Children run, very soon you will be offered a new position, about which you dreamed;
  • Seeing the school from afar – a rush to care.

A modern dream book

  • To attend school – the desire to be creative;
  • A dream about my old school – you feel anguish and are unable to let go of the past;
  • To go to school – will remind you of your failures;
  • Blackboard – business problems.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

Going to school in a dream foretells errors. Perhaps you plan to deal with the case in which you know nothing about, so cannot get the result. The interpreter warns: study started, ask for advice, do not only rely on their own strength, they are not enough.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

  • To be in class – trouble;
  • To go to school – happiness;
  • A lot of kids in school is an unpleasant, high-profile event.
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