To dream scarf

Dream, which featured a scarf prejmenovat quick event, which will be important for the life of the dreamer, no matter what scale it is. I saw a simple scarf – you will find interesting conversation, thanks to which life can change. There is also a chance to go on a business trip. Knitting a scarf for his chosen one? You need to stop controlling, to further avoid associated with the yoke on the neck. Which means scarf in dreams? The interpretation of dreams, where there is the scarf.



A modern dream book

If I had to see the scarf in your dream, remember the appearance of the subject to accurately interpret a dream:

  1. Saw the scarf in my dream, a possible quick trip for work, to abandon which would be virtually impossible.
  2. Keep hands warm scarf, and he liked – in your life there are people who are truly loyal to you. If such a dream saw the bride, she could not doubt the fidelity of his beloved.
  3. Had to watch dirty scarf – will soon receive a monetary reward.
  4. Wrapped in a scarf – will receive important information that will help you to solve their own problems.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Your actions:

  • Take scarf – will soon go on a journey that may be unplanned.
  • Saw a man knitting a scarf – looking forward to an interesting acquaintance with an experienced traveler.
  • Take a scarf as a gift or buy it – you decide to journey, take the initiative in this matter.
  • Sell or lose the scarf – some of your friends will go on a long journey. The dream acts as a warning against rash actions.
  • Soiled or ragged scarf inadvertently have a long journey ahead that will not be pleasant. As a result of its implementation, you could catch a rare disease, cause a lot of trouble.

Esoteric dream book

What can dream:

  1. Scarf dream to an abrupt and, perhaps, a strong cold snap.
  2. Knitting a scarf – the weather is going to be what you want, that will help to solve important cases.
  3. Delicate, thin scarf – will travel to the South of the country.

If you had a scarf, caution should be exercised in cases as this garment is often the sign of a long and not always successful trip. Analyze their capabilities and emotions during the dream, then you will be able to clarify its meaning.

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