The sausage had a dream, dream interpretation

If you encounter images of the dream people can’t control their minds. Therefore, all that surrounds it can appear in the subjects of dreams. So, food along with other visual images can be a part of our dreams. We need peace and sausage – will be discussed below.

What dreams sausage

What dreams sausage

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

A dream in which you eat sausage, promises the appearance soon of a small cozy home. If you dream that someone is eating this meat product, you risk significant financial loss. To buy the product – promises to pay taxes. To sell the sausage in a vision of the night says that your loved ones will soon suffer great losses due to your fault. To prepare the sausage – predicts success in various endeavors.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to the authors of this dream, a sausage in a dream – to receive an inheritance, winnings or other happy news. There is a sausage in a dream – promises some kind of surprise. To cook it – predicts a favor and success in all endeavors. Clean the sausage from the film and cut it is a warning about the possibility of obtaining unfair accusations and criticism.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Cooking sausage in dreams portend in real life good luck in all current Affairs. To dream of sausage – heralds soon, fun entertainment and fun. If you are in a dream eat sausage, according to this dream book, it means that plans will be realized only partially. If you dream you are buying this product, there is a risk to believe your first impression about new acquaintances, which subsequently prove to be a mistake. Slice the sausage in a night vision – suggests that you will be able to make a volitional decision regarding management or subordinates.

Liverwurst dream to poverty and costs, and blood – to the fact that in your close surroundings are not very smart, but have good performance qualities of the people you really want.

To see pastyou sausage – to getting really easy money or a relationship with a gorgeous partner. If you see sausages of different varieties in my dreams, it indicates the desire for sexual pleasure with multiple partners. Smoked sausage products represent restraint, tact and accuracy.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

To dream of sausage – predicts prosperity in the household and family relations. If you saw a delicious and tasty sausage, then such a dream speaks about stability of family ties and financial status. If the sausage in my sleep deteriorated, vision should be taken as a warning that you pretty started the process of homemaking of what to expect serious consequences.

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