Dream interpretation: dreamt of the sand

Dreams on the sand reminiscent of sleeping on the transience of all processes of life. You need to look closer to others, more caring, relates to members of the family and their health. Everything is subject to destruction – interprets the dreams of the sand on this dream.

What dreams sand dream

What dreams sand dream

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The sand symbolizes the people around them. If it is clean, close well-wishers, dirty – enemies. Sandpile groups or to see how he rolls, means that you are trying to deceive, it is necessary to take a closer look at the people around.

  • To take in hand, to shovel – to money;
  • Lying in the warm sand – for the respect;
  • walk across the sand – soon meet with each other.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

  • Sand in a dream stuck to the legs – difficulty in solving problems;
  • Pour through my fingers – small unexpected things.

Psychological dream dictionary

Sand is the symbol time. If the dream sand, you may think about death or transfer serious illness. A lot of sand, sandy beaches – the need to relax and unwind, time to go on vacation. To dream of sand or a sandbox means that in your heart too much fear, you don’t feel confident and think about nothing, wasting time.

Ukrainian dream book

  • To see the sand – to prosperity, the inheritance;
  • Walk across the sand to meet a friend.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Dreams in which the dreamer sees the sand, carry a warning. You need to stop, listen to yourself, look around. Often they are prophetic, and understanding what the warning was, and you did not listen, comes too late.

Where was the sand in the dream?

  • On the shore – we should remember that trouble and moments of happiness can go away, like sand through the fingers;
  • In shoes – you took up a back-breaking job, and without help you can’t do it;
  • Mouth – a warning of danger, one wrong word can cause serious trouble;
  • Sand got in my eyes – you don’t want to see the obvious;
  • On the floor – if the floor poured a lot of sand, you will experience the suffering of quarrels and litigation.

What did you do with sand?

  • Walk across the sand – careful heed to what is happening in your life, maybe what you have achieved here-here will collapse;
  • Sweep the sand in overcoming all the difficulties, success;
  • The build of sand – the instability of financial position;
  • Walk in shoes – a harbinger of financial problems.

Gypsy dream book

To see the sand means fast and easy to get rich, but to invest money and multiply them fail, they will seep through pocket like sand.

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