Fireworks in a dream – dream interpretation

We’ve learned that the salute – the final part of any holiday. To admire the colorful fireworks scattered in the sky lights loved by both adults and children. But sleep is not always fireworks heralds the holiday or occasion. Often it can be an explosion of anger or bad news.

Autumn dream interpretation

what dreams fireworks

What dreams fireworks — the interpretation

The interpretation of dreams does not Bode well. This dream suggests that someone is angry. As an option – in your life happens for a special event.

Dream Interpretation Longo

To admire in the dream the fireworks – a good sign. In your life will come joy. Relationship with your partner will be strong and enjoyable.

Spring dream interpretation

Fireworks in a dream often dream of as a harbinger of the celebration, joy and joy which you will quickly come to an end. This holiday will not leave a trace in your soul.

Esoteric dream book

What is having a salute to the premium or fee. Most likely, you will successfully complete any work, and bosses will appreciate your work. Your diligence will be rewarded according to merit.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Fireworks in a dream – to happiness and joy. You are waiting for a joyful reunion with old friends and holidays. In my personal life will be wonderful: your relationship with your spouse will be harmonious. Dream promises fulfillment of desires, material well-being, new friendships with lovely people and success.

Bright and colorful firework symbolizes prosperity and success. People, seeing such a dream, can consider himself a favorite of fortune. He will be able to achieve all its objectives, but do not need to flaunt. The desire to develop, willpower, strong character, without which success will not.

If in the dream you yourself started the fireworks, you will have a unique chance to be in the limelight. Try not to fall face in the dirt. Favorable impression from you can bring you greater benefits.

To hear the fireworks, but not see his warning. You try to cheat, but you will be able to immediately expose the trick. Be cautious in conversation with strangers, do not say more at work.

Watch a long time with a salute to the string of joyous events. Life will pass quietly, but happily.

Dream Interpretation Vasiliev

Fireworks with colorful lights – a truly festive occasion.

Dream Interpretation Adaskina

To dream of fireworks, or even just to hear the explosions portends bad. You will have to experience for yourself what ingratitude, carelessness and coldness.

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