What dreams fat

Fat is one of the most useful products. Even doctors say that natural ingredients fatty product constitutes a source of important trace elements. So, read on – what a dream bacon?

what dreams fat

What dreams fat

People’s dreams

To see lard – wait for success, harmony in your personal life, happiness in the relationship with the other half. Warm bacon – you can expect excellent prospects in the future. To buy fat the Bazaar, at the store – be careful among the female half of you have enemies. To eat fat – have a pleasant chat with friends, cut the bacon into pieces – you will overcome boredom, sadness. Just seeing the fat – be careful, you’re on the wrong track. How much more is «useful» sleep with the fat.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To dream of fat with a pleasant smell – expect great changes in your life, get ready for the joyful events and success in business and family relationships, wealth. Eat fat – your house is full Cup, you won’t have shortage of finances. Hands glistening with fat women sleep means failure, dependence on other people. Boiled, smoked, salty bacon dreams to your complete satisfaction in all cases.

Esoteric dream book

Buy in my sleep the fat – you need to take precautions, you can become a victim of robbers. Take care of your wallet, pockets, bags. Fry the bacon, eat it – you are a crafty person and infringe on someone else’s property. Moreover, the object of your theft can be not only material values, but also calm person.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

Eat fat – don’t overestimate your ability, save power, otherwise you will feel faint and unwell. Take care of your health. The question concerns the intimate sphere, sex is not only fun, but also a huge consumption of energy. If something does not work, you should take a breather. Lard is a desire to have fun will arise in totally unsuitable conditions.

The Dream Miller

Fat dream Miller means happy change in life. A woman dreaming that her hands are stained with melted fat from fat, must carefully weigh their steps. The desire to be among the elite can lead to total disappointment – all is not gold that glitters!

The Jewish dream book

Persons who saw in a dream fat, you should prepare for trouble. Jewish commentator warns: you will be beaten.

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