To dream of safe: to wealth or financial loss?

Safe security vault, a symbol of secrecy and reliability. How to interpret his appearance in the night visions? You may threaten financial losses and time to think about keeping acquired? Take a look at popular dream books.

sleep safe

To dream of a safe — to profit or loss?

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Safe in a dream symbolizes a long and peaceful life.

To no avail to open the vault – perhaps the arrangements and plans would be affected. Try to soberly assess their capabilities and influence others.

To see the safe empty, you probably have concerns and doubts.

Rearrange it from place to place to get what you want, you’ll have to work hard.

To close the safe – quarrel with relatives.

Buy safe – you need to get together to overcome difficulties.

Family dream book

Safety Deposit box, seen in a dream says that your life is very reliable: relationships, work, friends.

Empty store – front you can expect adversity and anxiety.

The modern interpreter

This source claims that after seeing this dream, you can not be afraid of bad news.

To dream emptied the safe – a lot of unrest, you may expect trouble. Gather your forces and to exert all the energy to pass through the strip with minimal losses.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Closed safe – you are absolutely right in their beliefs, feel free to defend them, despite the possible resentment of others.

Safe in a dream to see open – if you’re not going to give in to difficulties, you have a great future.

To open a locked safe – up to successful completion of long operation.

Dream bitches

A dream in which there is a safety Deposit box, portends strong family and business relations.

It is useless to try to open the safe – your plans are based on incorrect calculations, nothing will help them to exercise.

Empty box – a spoiled holiday.

Dream Interpretation Winter

The presence of safe in the visions around you hovering mystery. Perhaps you haven’t know.

Someone else opens the safe – move in the same direction, soon you will reveal the designs of their enemies.

Outdoor safe – someone will penetrate into your secret and want to keep it.

Empty safe – the collapse of hopes.

Safe with money in the night visions, and reflects the ambitious plans of the dreamer. However, they are quite manageable if we take the help from the outside.

Broken safe – if a lot to go into other people’s business, you can call a scandal. Most likely, you from it will suffer.

The Dream Miller

Reliable sturdy safe – in your life everything is stable.

Unsuccessfully trying to open the safe – great sorrow, you will give up.

Empty safe – calamity, misfortune.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

A locked safe with money in a dream – you have friends on whom you can always rely on.

Someone brings a box – get your latest news. Might have happened something important, and you kept it a secret ill-wishers.

To move a safe by yourself – you will be a very long work to do, but the results are not interesting and not needed.

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