To dream of a sword: what is it?

The sabre is a deadly melee weapon. What is this symbol when it appears in dreams? Different sources say about it in their own way.

sleep châble

to dream of a sword: what is it?

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Saber in a dream – you have great abilities that you don’t implement.

Stupid saber – all your attempts to achieve a result to anything will not lead.

Donated by saber – indecent proposal.

Broken sword – the need to deal with problems that had long been ignored. If its broke you do, associates will not, but all goes well.

Oriental dream book

If the sword is hanging on the wall, a symbol of lost opportunities. Most likely, the majority of them have already been irretrievably lost.

A bloody sword for a woman her lover is in danger. For men – the emergence of a sneaky competitor.

Fight on swords – you do not perceive the use of violence.

Intimate dream

Swinging a sword – you tend to exaggerate and tell stories about non-existent victories on the personal front. Be careful, the exposure can be very painful.

Sword fighting – someone wants to destroy your family. Be careful, the enemy is lurking nearby and scheming. You will be able to prevent him from acting with the mind and not succumbing to emotions.

Small dream book of Veles

Had saber can promise assignation or controversy, confrontation.

In your sleep you gave the sword – you will be a happy event, luck.

Waving a sword to fight. If you move it in different directions, will stand alone against the attacks of enemies.

A modern dream book

Samurai sword heralds the collapse of plans of your enemies. But do not relax, it will be possible only in case of extreme care and caution.

For women it is a sign that her love is limitless.

The sword hanging on the wall – you have to listen to a well-deserved reproaches.

Killing with swords to disease.

The interpreter of the XXI century

Saber means that in reality you will be able to experience its power.

To dream of a sword, given to someone stranger, you should expect unpleasant surprises from fake friends.

To the wound from a blow with a sword – in front of excitement, anxiety, disappointment.

Broken sword promises joy.

Waving a sword – you are able to build their lives.

Hopes and dreams of Dmitry Winters

The presence of swords speaks of the inability to control their feelings. This can lead to big trouble, quarrels.

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