What does a dream in which you see the rotten teeth?

Dreams about teeth, their destruction, loss, incipient caries often scare people. For many there is a clear belief that such a dream does not portend anything good. And in fact, what dream rotten teeth?

What dream rotten teeth

What dream rotten teeth

Summer dream

If you see in a dream bad teeth – take care of your health. You may feel fatigue and weakness. It’s time to raise the immune system.

Dream Interpretation Of Filomena

In your dream teeth affected by caries? It’s time to visit the dentist because this may indicate a problem in reality.

Teeth are flawed, you began during sleep treatment? Perhaps in the near future a few will worsen your condition.

Rotten teeth in dreams, holes in teeth – are your life plans may not be achieved. Try to avoid overexertion and stress, it will help to cope with the situation.

Chipped tooth (but painlessly, without blood) is a sign of possible losses and disappointments. However, the subconscious can remind you of the outstanding once upon a time issue. She will appear again.

If you have got a rotten tooth in a dream, in life you are too confident, proud and conceited. When this blood when the tooth should not be. Sometimes this dream foretells income or the birth of a child. Loss of blood means the disease is often severe.

To get rid of a large number of teeth in sleep is a sign of illness nekrovnymi relative reality.

What a dream of a rotten tooth in the mouth that does not hurt and does not fall? This means that in life you were able to overcome a difficult situation, came out unscathed. Neither health problems, nor difficulties with finances you do not threaten.

To see the damaged teeth at – can be a sign of stress, and another sign that you are trying to radically change lives. Do not hurry, think carefully.

Going to pull out a rotten tooth in a dream? So, it’s time to come to terms with the situation in reality, to forgive and to let go of old grudges. But before I interpret the dream this way, remember if there was any blood in it, didn’t you feel any pain. Otherwise, you need to do in reality checking the status of the oral cavity.

If you hold in your hand fell out (no blood) the tooth is in the near future you may be born heir.

What dream rotten teeth without the blood if no pain? Perhaps, to quarrel with relatives. It is not excluded the tense situation in the family.

Autumn dream interpretation

See rotten teeth in a dream? Take the time to visit a doctor: the body tells you that you need to pay attention to health.

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