What does a dream in which you see the roses?

What could be more beautiful than the dream about the roses? But not always these beautiful flowers mean good.

What dream rose

What dream rose

Love dream interpretation

What dream roses? Blooming, beautiful and fragrant roses – the approaching of happy events. You and your mate really are soul mates and are very close to each other. If the flowers were wilted, so it’s not true love. These feelings are short-lived, because your time has not come yet.

Imperial dream book

To see white roses in a dream – a sign that you’re looking at serious business. You need spiritual help and inhuman tension forces. If one of your friends gave you in a dream bouquet of roses that wilted, so soon you’ll break up with that person.

If you are in a dream saw blooming rose bushes in the cemetery among the graves, do not panic. It is a favorable dream which promises luck and the location of others.

Love dream interpretation

What dream rose scent which you enjoy in the dream? This is a good sign. Fate favors you with a generous hand, will be favorable to you. You will long to live in peace and love with the people around you.

Women’s dream book

If you dream you saw a rose Bush with buds, you will find material well-being and prosperity. If the roses are faded to sadness and loneliness. The girl, who saw in a dream a whole bunch of roses, it is from these flowers in a bouquet, let rejoices. In the near future to marry her a decent man.

White roses dewdrops on the petals and no glare from sunlight – a bad sign. Get ready for a serious long illness. If you dream of fragrant roses and you clearly feel in the dream that their fragrance is a symbol of future joy. It will not spoil even the smallest sadness or sadness.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

If a man happened to dream of roses, which he presented to the girl or woman, then, with this particular it will be very close. Rose Bush with blooming flowers suggests that the number of members of your family will increase. If the flowers wilt or died, prepare for the worst. Probably, someone from relatives will die or get very sick. White withered roses to the illness of someone from relatives.

French dream book

Had roses in bloom – this is a positive sign. To give these flowers to your beloved is a symbol of reciprocity in feelings and true love. If the flowers were wilted, in real life all will be well. Your happiness will fade like cut flowers Queen.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Blooming roses in a dream is the embodiment of joy and happiness in reality. If the girl in the dream, picks a flower, it means that her wedding is not far off. If someone gave a rose to a young girl, her life will be real and strong love. See the roses and inhale their fragrance for long days of life on earth. If crumbled rose petals, be prepared for the fact that your quiet, calm and serene life will end. If you find a dried rose, think about yourself. May not be worth it in vain to Wake the old feelings. The past does not return, so you should not once again tormenting himself.

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