What a dream great room

Room is our soul, consciousness, emotional state. Our sensations that occur during sleep while in the room, reflect our deep emotional state. What appears in the dream?

The sleep room

A dream about the room — what do you mean?

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov E.

To dream strange room – good luck; empty – to an unattainable expectation; nice decor – good luck in the new cases; extremely small – will be able to avoid serious problems at the last moment.

With fine art on the walls changes in your aspirations; white – before the Grand event.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

Room, seen in a dream – happiness and prosperity; to decorate or to change the situation – wait for the changes. Artworks your desires will change; the lack of items – parting with relatives. Expensive furnishings – all our plans succeed; brightly lit – a significant event; a few of the areas wealth.

Dream Interpretation Cheremenskiy

To see a lot of rooms for men – stay in entertainment, communicating with women of easy virtue.

The newest dream book

A dream in which you are trapped in a room with furniture, a recovery in the short term; in other cases, the room seems to an unexpected enrichment.

Dream bitches

White room in a dream – to a rich admirer, and empty to heavy financial situation

Women’s dream book

The presence in a beautiful room with expensive furniture promises sudden gains from successful financial activities or coming into an inheritance from relatives who lived far away from you.

Enjoy the room with expensive furnishings – the girl can expect the emergence of a rich suitor, the marriage proposal from him and moving to his beautiful home. If the poor furniture of the room is a woman waiting for a little prosperity in family life will be restricted in Finance.

The Russian dream book

Room tidy dream interpretation interpret luck in love Affairs, the dirt in the room – the loss of love.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Room with paintings – your desires can change; with a good atmosphere – your endeavours will be successful; to decorate or arrange the furniture – rapid change; brightly lit – up festive events; many of the rooms opulence.

Dream interpretation for lovers

To be in a richly furnished room where you can get marriage proposal from a wealthy stranger, if the room has a simple decoration – your husband will be rich, your financial capabilities will be limited.

Slavic dream book

To see their room – to the family of joy.

Esoteric dream book

What dreams large room – to prosperity; narrow and dark in prison, public condemnation; square promises the advent of a successful period in life, everything will turn out.

If the room is overwhelmed with a huge number of items – hard for you from moral obligations. Room without Windows, hopelessness, sadness. Even in the absence of faith put candles in the Church.

Good room – made the right choice, you’re doing your job.

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