Dream interpretation: dream roof

Beautiful, a roof in a dream is a good sign that in life you have someone to lean on. Old, leaky roof – you need to strengthen your position at work. Another value attributed to this vision Tlumach?

What dreams roof dream interpretation

What dreams roof dream interpretation

Russian dream book

On the Russian dream, the roof symbolizes protection and security. Repair in a dream the roof of his house – soon your business will come back to normal, walk on the roof – will succeed. In the dream, afraid to fall from the roof – despite the fact that your endeavors will have good luck, you interfere with their own fears.

If a sick person sees a leaky roof – to death, a leaky roof healthy person dream to change plans. Had how to collapse the roof of the house – your hopes will not come true. In the dream, to relax on the roof – make your friends very loyal.

Esoteric dream book

According to this dream interpretation, if you look at the roof from the bottom up – in this dream, it acts as an obstacle to your personal growth and career development. To climb on the roof – the desire to engage in spiritual life.

Dream interpretation psychic

Dreamt that you fell off the roof, an unexpected bad news, to see the whole roof to a good marriage. Sit on the edge of the roof, but do not fear – you are totally happy with their lives.

If in the dream the roof of the house you are covered in the family will soon have a small child. To see how the house tore the roof – unfortunately, the betrayal of her husband. Walking on the flat roof – I think it will be good to see how she got poultry, will be on the road.

A modern dream book

According to this dream book, the roof of the house had a shiny in the sun for stability in life. If you repaired the roof, get ready for what will soon have to defend his honor and dignity. To see the window on to the roof, to love adventure.

If you had a roof made of glass – you are trying to hide their secrets, to become less «transparent» to others. To see the roof falling rocks, you have to be careful, there is the risk of sudden injury. Fall off the roof – to suffer for her confidence.

Walking on the edge of the roof – I think you it will be dangerous.

In the dream, to sit on the roof – surrounding appreciate your intelligence might increase. To climb on the roof in danger. To see the crumbling roof, to get rid of the patrons at work. If in a dream roof leaks – dreaming about the money issues, if the water is muddy – it promises health problems, the water flooded the house to significant financial losses. To voluntarily jump off the roof – to move.

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