Rocks in a dream – what a dream

The dream, the majestic rock which was the main accused is the presence of obstacles located on the way to achieving your goals. Difficulties, unpleasant situations or conflicts with important people can cause failures. You may want to reconsider their plans, however, have a chance to compete to achieve the goal.



Gypsy dream book


  1. To see the rock there’s a lot of work to do to achieve the goal that was originally planned.
  2. To go on the rocks in the dream, however, while spending a lot of effort success will come to you, but you’ll have to work hard. There is another meaning: you will be able to achieve the goals, but that happens quite late.
  3. To go over the cliff, experiencing difficulties, soon you will lose someone from the family.
  4. Scala is defeated, all that remains are ruins – victory. Soon you will be able to rejoice and celebrate. The enemy will be defeated.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

The concept of sleep:

  1. To dream of rocks is to pass through obstacles, expose his life to danger.
  2. Climb to the top of the cliff to reach the goal or part of aspirations, that is, to achieve success in life.
  3. To be at the edge of the cliff, stand at the precipice – venture dangerous venture.
  4. Located at the foot of the cliffs – the existence of serious difficulties, the overcoming of which depends entirely on the dreamer.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

You see the rock in a dream – soon your life will come streak, especially if you’ve recently set myself a new goal. Note that even where guaranteed everything should go smoothly, it may be a problem that will not end in better to the dreamer.

Climbing the cliff – decided, in spite of everything, to make your life better. This is a laudable ambition, but the steeper the rock, the more difficult will be the way. If you want to continue to move towards the goal, note that some enemies can agree not only with strength, but with true generosity.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Rock – a symbol of stability. Should resemble this matter. Coastal rock is often a symbol of memories of the past. All images that appear on the background of the rocks, in the understanding of the individual seem to be winners.

The rock is not a good sign, but pay attention to your feelings during the dream. If you feel a winning attitude and the strength to move forward, your goals are achievable.

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