As the dream books interpret the robbery?

Had a dream that you are attacked by a robber? Or you dream you found a ransacked apartment? Let’s see how dream interpretation dream interpretation of robbery.

dream interpretation robbery

How to interpret dream interpretation robbery?

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

If you are robbed in your sleep, then you will be behind the attackers.

Online dream book

The way the robbery was interpreted as a warning that you should not exercise too much trust to others, even to the closest, because they and you can expect dishonesty.

Was robbed in the city – the disease will manifest itself, pay more attention to their health, if you have selected something in public transport – you have a very high risk of injury.

In the dream, you are the leader of a criminal gang, but still trying to break the Bank? It is a projection of your desire to get a decent compensation for the work that was done by you, but remained without gratitude.

If you are trying to steal the object of trading, you should carefully read the documents that you will give for the signature, be polite with the authorities, and not spend a lot of money.

Dream interpretation believes that the robbery of the apartment of your dreams when you something much afraid and worried about some problems. House was robbed, you don’t need to worry excessively about what is not playing in your life an important role.

Medieval dream book

Had a dream that you have become the victim of a robbery – do not trust your friends, otherwise you risk losing all because of their intrigue. Yet it may portend the loss of a mother, father or someone of close relatives.

A modern dream book

This dream foretells saw the robbery itself, street gangs health problems. This will entail waste of time and nerves going to the doctors. Was a victim of cyber criminals in some kind of vehicle more than carefully feel about yourself, it is likely that you will get some kind of injury.

The Dream Miller

If you are looking for a job, a dream in which you are being robbed, predicts difficulties in this matter. And if you work, then you wait to argue with the boss. Themselves a thief and run away with the loot from the officers of the law – you threaten a quarrel with some of those who communicates with you.

The Interpreter Tsvetkova

Bank robbery dream promises a major quarrel with your partner, and this can lead to rupture with him.

Dream Interpretation By Meneghetti

If you have carried out a robbery at a Bank in your dream, then in life, you risk to enter in something wrong, what then will be sorry.

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