What does it mean to dream of the river

In many dream books a river stands as a symbol of life’s journey. The rough, muddy currents and rapids represent the future troubles, while the calm water and transparency speak about kindness and abundance. But in the interpretation of the matter and other circumstances of the dream. To decrypt river vision will help dreams.

what dream of a river

What dream of a river

Dream Interpretation Filomena

He offers several interpretations of sleep patterns. What dream clean river? To a happy event, a calm life without worries and sorrows. Things will improve in home and family there will be peace. Net rapid river predicts the overcoming of obstacles, if they applied reasonable effort.

Graznaya muddy river in visions illustrates the existence of problems in real life that deprive you of peace. Bathing in a nasty river indicates suffering and mistakes may portend injury or accident. To swim across a muddy river – in reality in will have to face obstacles, including threat.

Wild river with dirty muddy water reported difficulties on the love front and in domestic Affairs, you need to immediately make a decision in the current situation.

Frozen river warns about the likelihood of falling into a prolonged depression and sadness, a longing for the past days and people. To cross the river on a strong ice – your problems will be solved quite easily, all problems can be solved.

Small river in a dream shows the deterioration of the financial situation you or your family. Do not make hasty investments, purchases, come to spending clearly. Big river indicates the rumors about you as well as for great excitement and feelings – both joyful and sad. Deep clean river betokens luck, and a deep dirty – large material problems and suspicious offers.

What dream of a river of blood? Bloody river does not inform about anything bad, only the blood recalls the relatives. To move on the river blood on the boat with friends and family in order and harmony.

Beautiful river portends prosperity, moral and material, unhurried and pleasant observance of life. Black river says about future unpleasant events. If the black water flooded the shore – in the life of a complicated situation out of your control. Green river reports on the improvement of health, hope, stabilize financial position and improve the business.

By dream river with rocky banks symbolizes life’s difficulties and obstacles. With them you will have to fight on their own, but the effort will not go in vain. A dream about a river with sandy shores unfavorable result in a prison sentence or punishment for a misdemeanor.

To cross the river means to fulfil their intentions and achieve goals. Across the river – to change. To reach the shore – quick achievement of the goals, getting a new job. To cross the river – there will be obstacles and delays in the execution of plans. The haste in making decisions will not lead to success in business. Saw falling from the bridge into the water – leave in the past of boring relationship and betrayed your friends, then you can start a new life and meet new people. To fall into the river on the car – not a good sign, indicating a loss of trust from friends or colleagues. To return their location, will have to try.

Small dream book of Veles

In this interpreter a river with pristine water promises material prosperity and goodness. To swim in that river – for profit and kindness. Muddy water – to disease, fights, quarrels. Fall to the impure water – in reality to be in trouble or to collect debts.

If you carries a fast flow of the river, you may soon quarrel with the foe, envious. Dry the river promises ruin.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

He also talks about what dreams river. Float yourself down the river – to prosperity. Standing on the shore or watch the river – for the upcoming long journey. To cross the river in a dream to Wade – to the obstacles and delays scheduled. For ladies leap into the water can be a symbol of the restoration of the old feelings in the marriage Union or meeting with a new lover.

The Dream Miller

Carefree water, undisturbed by gusts of wind heralds the joy and financial well-being. Muddy water with a restless surface, ripples or storm, promises, disputes and misunderstandings, and the Nullah – sorrows. The river flooded, warns about the troubles at work and your tarnished reputation. To avoid this, keep track of your deeds and actions, monitor their antics.

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