What a dream ring

Ring with precious (or fake) stone in a dream means that in reality a certain relationship not only between a man and a woman. This may be a connection with parents, friends, colleagues or even senior people. You need to note that for the material and stones used for making of the ring. Depends on them, noble or bad intentions direct the involved relations. Find, get, buy – to wealth, possible changes in marital status. Loss, the fault of the ring – may relationship in reality will crack.

dream interpretation ring

What a dream ring

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

What a dream ring precious metal – so it’s for the upcoming acquaintance with the opposite sex. The relationship will be more than just good. In real life there is every chance to try on wedding rings.

Small dream book of Veles

To the wedding celebration dream ring – so says this commentator. The ring also may hint at a complex and painstaking work, resulting in stable earnings. For a married woman a ring she may lose her husband.

Find the ring – to prosperity, a happy event. Losing a marriage can be called into question (perhaps before the real wedding, the couple are very nervous). It is also a sign of possible problems. If the stone fell out of ring, a loved one may leave. For the happiness of reality will have to fight.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Ring can symbolize a subconscious desire to create a family. While such a chance is not provided, of the dreamer is perceived as a potential rival-in-love his (her) friends. Parents want to give their adult child to marry or to marry.

To wear a ring in a dream – in life soon will be someone from friends, to whom the dreamer had not paid attention.

Ukrainian dream book

Smooth, without carving and ornaments of the ring – wealth, a successful marriage. To lose is to lose something expensive. Girl’s dream, which appears as a ring, promises a meeting with his betrothed. Married – a sign that a relationship with a man should be protected.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Not-so-bright prospects bear to see the ring in this dream. Found – up to disagreement. To lose respect is hard to earn. Granted – a sign that people will try to appease the dreamer that he was on their side.

If the dreamer gives the ring to marriage. To give him money – a new romantic attachment. The ring of enviable beauty without envy and disputes in the near future will not work.

Spoiled, damaged ring – someone from the environment is not sincere.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Wearing a ring to get acquainted with the future second half. Wear a dreamer – to the difficult period of financial setbacks that will be difficult to resist on their own. Losing the ring – people who will soon enter the life of the dreamer will have good intentions.

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