What is a dream fridge

The human subconscious can sometimes tell a lot more than we think. Sleep is one of the ways of interpretation of thoughts, feelings, aspirations, which lie at the bottom of our subconscious. But sometimes part of our sleep become ordinary objects that comprise our daily life. So, the visual image can be and the refrigerator. What dreams fridge, will tell popular dream books-precursors.

The refrigerator had a dream in a dream

The refrigerator had a dream in a dream

Culinary dream book

The dream-soothsayer interprets the vision of the fridge depending on what you are doing in the dream. If you put products in it, this vision foreshadows great success in business or Affairs. A dream where you are removed from the refrigerating chamber food says about waiting for a dear guest, a meeting which requires a hassle.

Women’s dream book

In a night vision fridge says about your selfish views. In your environment is man, earning an honest living, whom you offended with his remarks.

A modern dream book

The appearance in the dream of the refrigerator warns that their selfishness and cruelty can hurt others. If you put ice in the freezer, this vision warns you about impending problems and failures.

Dream Interpretation Longo

According to this predictor, if in the night the vision appeared, it suggests that someone is using your generosity for selfish purposes. Open the fridge in the dream promises great disappointment or betrayal from a loved one. In this case, the sleep mentally prepares you for this difficult news.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

According to this dream interpretation, the refrigerator is a symbol of restraint. To see in night vision this item of home appliances suggests that it is necessary to leave unnecessary anxiety, prevent to achieve success in your business. If you see damaged or out frozen old products, this vision suggests that you need to exercise more care in the business.

The American dream

This interpreter of dreams interprets refrigerator in the dream as the presence of emotional isolation from others. Also see this item of home appliances in dreams, telling me about the lack of warmth and care.

Esoteric dream book

This source is different explains what dream refrigerators. Appearing in sleep, these appliances say about the upcoming natural disasters. These adverse conditions can lead to floods, droughts or frosts, affect the decline in harvest. If you dream you see an empty fridge or buy a new one, this means that you need to be more Thrifty.

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