What znasit to dream rat

Rat in a dream – a bad sign, it foretells illness, misfortune and betrayal. White rodent symbolizes women’s meanness, black – deceit on the part of a loved one. Sometimes the appearance of rats in the dream reflects the condition not external, but internal world of man: the growth of feelings of guilt, shame, anger.

What have rats

What have rats

What have rats?

The invasion of the grey rodents could Herald a difficult period in the life of a war or famine. If you dream you chase the rats, so you have enough strength to cope with leaning difficulties. Biting to the blood the rodent dream for family quarrels. If there is no blood, will have to sort things out with friends. Rat, enough for the feet, a hint that behind your back scheming.

Saw in a dream run away rodents? Try a couple of weeks to get out of the house. Especially such dream is to alert the sailor: it predicts a shipwreck. Passing large rat in a dream – to great trouble, which, fortunately, you will be spared. Rodent, caught lover man, could represent a dangerous rival. Killing rats in a dream foretells victory over the enemy. Dead animal – a symbol of small troubles.

The Dream Miller

To dream of a rat means the deterioration of relations with neighbors or conflict with business partners. You can slander, cheat or beat. If in the dream you caught a rodent in reality you succeed with the prowess to overpower his enemies. Killing the beast, which is associated with human meanness, is a good sign, it means the way out of any difficulties.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

In the minds of most people, the rat is a carrier of infections, eats garbage. Hence the widespread contempt for the rodents. Rat in a dream may be associated with the fear of being rejected or losing friends. You may fear for their social status, worry about property or health. In this case, the image of a rat POPs up in the subconscious because it does not work immediately, but slowly and inexorably devouring supplies.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Rat – companion of the danger, tears and troubles. The white rodent indicates the presence of hidden threats. This rat also means loyalty to a person who is with you in burdensome relationships. Your difficulties successfully resolved, if you dream you killed a rat. And the more destroyed the rodent, the more obvious it will be successful.

Dream Interpretation Freud

What dreams rat from the point of view of psychoanalysis? Dream, according to Freud, are a reflection of the hidden (often sexual) desires of a man. Rats in dreams can appear in people who are prone to aggression in the intimate sphere. Maybe it’s a sign that you want to diversify sex life, bringing elements of masochism or sadism. For those who physical intimacy is unknown, rodent symbolizes the fear of first intercourse.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

The image of the rat is complex and controversial. In some dreams it is associated with death and disaster in others with justice and wisdom. If you dream you were fed rodent with it, in reality you act wisely and firmly, and will reach more than expected. Saw a rat in your house? Get ready for a losing streak. If you dream that the rat does not hit the trap, you again deceive people, seemingly very pleasant. To see themselves as defenders of rats means to cope with difficulties without assistance.

Dream Interpretation Melnikova

What dream of huge rats, running around the house? To financial losses, intrigue from friends or family troubles. Rodent, which was caught in a rat trap, foretells a quarrel with neighbors or theft in the house. A dead rat dream to health problems. If you expel rodents with a stick or poker, you think about your business will move with difficulty and will fail. Fear of rats foretells unfortunate history with slander. If the dream of a rodent caught by a cat, you have come to the rescue.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you saw in a dream a rat, wait for bad news. There are rodents – unfortunately, hunt them to threats. Empty rat trap foreshadows that competition and sales you will not get any. If you dream you set the trap, in reality, you will discover intentions of enemies. If you are caught in a rat trap, beware of robbery.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

It’s time to think about winter preparations, if you had a rat gnaws. Sleep with the rodent’s dream from Saturday to Sunday, it foretells a good deal. To see a rat in the night from Sunday to Monday – pleasant chores around the house.

Horoscopes of various countries

According to Chinese dream interpretation dreaming of a white rat to support in this complex case, the appearance of the partner. If she bites at his clothes, you will succeed in achieving the goal. Icelanders believe that, in the rat, promises the owner of the house wealth. The British rodent hints at the presence of an opponent or an imaginary friend. The Russian dream book rat – a sign that will lost a valuable thing. But many rodents portends quarrels with loved ones. According to the American beliefs, sleeping with a rat warns about the presence of the attacker in the environment.

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