What a dream in which you see or collect raspberries?

Everybody knows the proverb: no life, and raspberries! Also in dreams, to dream of raspberries to get pleasure, pleasure from communication, relax, travel.

to dream of raspberries

What does it mean to dream of raspberries

Autumn dream interpretation

To collect the raspberries in a dream in the basket – wait for a rich harvest, profit, success.

Spring dream interpretation

Spring dream, raspberry adverse sign. Dreams with this sweet berry could be a precursor to disease, a lung ailment. But do not worry, everything will be fine. Important to raspberries in the dream was ripe.

Summer dream

For gardeners dream with a rich harvest of raspberries indicates failure. Berry in the garden is not, in any case, will have to make an effort to use fertilizer to achieve high yields.

Children’s dream book

What dreams have raspberries? You will get the pleasure of communicating with friends, or get acquainted with a man who will give you the tenderness and affection. To dream of raspberries – you will find a carefree and happy family life.

Women’s dream book

Raspberries in a dream symbolizes the confusion in business, in family life. You started the job, let it go. The result can be left with nothing, losing all their investments and years of work. You need to focus, to bring order to papers, organize the schedule and very soon will get the first positive results.

Saw that someone eat berries, the name of that person may end up in some scandal. The dream warns against excessive talkativeness, openness and trust. Be choosy in choosing friends and new acquaintances. Also is the answer to the question, what dreams raspberry large. If the fruit is ripe, beautiful, with no rot, you will find success and harmony.

Family dream book

For those wishing to go successfully married you should read what dream big raspberry on the Bush. Also dream means growth in career, honor and respect of colleagues. There are raspberries, to tear it is a good omen and men. The object of your affections will soon show their favor. Your romantic relationship will lead to a beautiful wedding.

Dreams with raspberries warn against careless steps, should be less to speak and behave around, otherwise you’ll be a wonderful occasion for dirty gossip and slander.

To plant raspberry bushes – to ample labor, have a stale berries to lung ailments. Buy raspberries in the store to get an expensive gift. There are dried berries – for honor.

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