What dreams rape according to the dream book?

Had a disturbing vision with such an unpleasant event? And now you are puzzled over what it could mean? What having dreams about the rape, will help to interpret the dream.

dream interpretation rape

Dream interpretation what dreams rape

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

Raped you in your sleep? This vision warns that should somehow appease his enemies, that they are not opposed you. But if the rapist you see yourself, then it means that you have a business that you desperately want to accomplish. Your unwillingness thus projected by the subconscious.

If in the dream there was only an attempt that failed, this means that you will avoid problems and settle unresolved issues. And another dream book says that rape in a dream may well happen in reality, that is, the vision will be prophetic in the truest sense. Beware and play it safe, try to avoid places where something like that to happen.

Oriental dream book

Dreamed that you were abused in life, expect to be betrayed by a loved one, and quite soon. There were several rape – evil against you trudge intrigue.

A modern dream book

To be the victim of a rapist in your sleep, your pride will be hurt by unpleasant events. And if the victim was someone from your social circle, you’ll learn about grief, what happened to dream.

Dream interpretation for lovers

If you are a young girl and you had an act of violence against you, there is a great likelihood that your partner will abandon you. Or do you run the risk of becoming a victim – be careful.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

The way rape is designing your subconscious attitude towards others. You either feel animosity towards some people, inhibiting in dealing with them, his irritation, or you have the victim’s behavior.

If you are single have a dream that you were raped, then this represents that in life you pushed around and dump a large number of tasks and require their full implementation. But if such dreams repeat, it is possible that you have already had some severe stress, and now your thoughts are manifested in this way.

If you dream about yourself in the way of a rapist, it means that in real life you very carefully conceal their dislike for someone, even though you just want to Express what you think about this person or several people.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If vision sleep someone rapes, came to her husband, this means he suffers because of the inability to solve a problem. The woman dreamed that raped her, she will be able to achieve your goal. Still it promises a marriage in which the emphasis is on calculation.

Online dream book

Seen violence over someone – somebody in your face in your life. Rape in a dream you don’t bother the near future, their enemies, but rather try to ingratiate. Dream interpretation: attempted rape in a dream warns that you run the risk of becoming a pawn in someone’s game.

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