What dream sheep

Often dream characters are animals. The interpretation of dreams is dependent on whether the animal was dreaming of his character, appearance, traditional ideas of humanity about him. Consider the meaning of the visions, in which dream sheep.

What dream sheep in the dream, dream interpretation

What dream sheep in the dream, dream interpretation

Dream interpretation for the whole family

According to this dream book, a sheep is considered a symbol of prosperity in all spheres. When you dream that you cut an animal, it promises unexpected profit or opportunity for advancement in your career. If a bachelor sees in a dream as he gets the RAM, it promises a quick wedding and a happy marriage. However, if he’s black suit, you need to think about whether to marry. After all, this dream may warn that the choice may not be who he claims to be.

Small dream book of Veles

This source interprets the image of a RAM as a symbol of honor, hope, prosperity and strength. At the same time, animal in the night vision can impersonate stupid or untrustworthy friend, and the loss of support from his family. If the RAM is butting in a dream, this vision predicts public criticism, attack or fear. To catch a sheep means to overcome difficulties. Lamb in a dream means victory over the enemy or improve income. Is the head of the animal, the promise of material profit and prosperity.

Persian dream interpretation Tatlisi

To dream of sheep, according to this source, means wealth and prosperity. How many animals you saw, so many years allotted to you by fate. If the animal in the dream long hair, it promises a happy life. Feed the sheep in the vision, the promise of a promotion in his career.

To dream of a herd, provided that it is yours, symbolizes the imminent increase in material well-being. If you give a sheep, the vision promises to soon meet with a successful person, which will help your career growth.

To ride an animal means to take over the envious and ill-wishers. The cooked meat of the animal in the dream promises financial prosperity in real life, and fried – problems, failures and sadness. To cut the animal in night vision – predicts imminent defeat of your enemies.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To see sheep in a night vision – means a quick success or publicity, but sometimes abusive. What dream sheep who is beating? Such a dream to quarrels, lawsuits, and fear. To ride on an animal in the dream — signifies finding a way out of difficult situations. If you are afraid and run away from the animal in the vision, you automatically will be bound by certain obligations with detractors.

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