What does a dream in which you see Rakov: dream interpretation

The silent inhabitants of rivers and lakes prefer to hide from daylight and the human eye in the secret vaults, but can sometimes appear in night dreams. What does this vision mean and what events marks, try to deal with the most popular dream books.

what dream crabs

What dream crabs

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

In the interpretation of this dream, cancers appear in dreams in cases of mental return to the old days, as well as a symbol of slowness and sluggishness. To catch arthropods in the water, so to find peace and success in life, and good health.

Family dream book

Family people have their own explanation of what dream live crabs. If such a creature grabbed you., then, ahead of an unexpected meeting with a long absent friend that will bring you good news. Boiled crawfish red portend disappointments and bad news.

Oriental dream book

This source gives the interpretation, what have cancers, grabbed the sleeping man’s finger. In real life, such a dream could face trouble with health, so you should pay careful attention on it. Eating boiled crawfish indicates that you do not have their own point of view and tend to go on about other people.

A modern dream book

Cancers that appear in dreams, may bring forth a tasty, unusual meal. To catch arthropods in the water – a sign that you can count on friendly support even in very challenging event. If the crabs in the dream crawling in different directions, so the rejection of beneficial proposals will bring then a lot of regret about it.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Famous psychologist gives his interpretation of what having cancers woman. This dream may portend a speedy acquaintance with a new partner, with whom relations are very close. With sleep live crabs can signal serious problems in intimate life, which developed as a result of any of the complexes. The internal «clips» prevent to perceive yourself objectively and realistically assess their own capabilities.

Esoteric dream book

Fishing crayfish in the dream, from the point of view of esotericism, heralds a carefree existence, but their cooking time – the bustle and unexpected news. For creative people this dream promises a lot of interesting part in a play, concert, show, or long foreign tours.

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