What dreams raisins dream?

Most dream books interpret dreams about the raisins as favorable. These dreams are the promise of profit, happiness, or joy. But sometimes it happens that such dreams tell just the opposite, warning about the troubles, disappointments and deception.

a raisin in the dream

What is seen raisins in a dream?

Autumn dream interpretation

If you dream you if raisins, then you need to take care of your health. Otherwise time will be lost.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

There are raisins in a dream – a good sign. You will be happy and good financial position. But in your personal life you have to go through a big disappointment. If you dream you had to eat spoiled raisins, your love will remain unanswered, you will suffer.

Spring dream interpretation

To eat raisins – not a good sign. Someone cleverly fooled.

The Dream Miller

If in the dream you were eating raisins, be prepared that at the wrong time you will lose hope to carry out their plans. Be strong and not give in to doubt. You are closer to goal than ever before.

French dream book

Raisins in night dreams – to loss and grief in real life.

Summer Tlumach

If you had to buy the raisins in a dream, expect a huge profit.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

If you dream you ate the raisins, sultanas, you have a long stick argument with people that live in the neighborhood.

Dream Interpretation Longo

Buying raisins is evidence of your desire for a carefree existence. Do not expect that someone will do everything for you. It is necessary to achieve goals of their own, on a platter to you no one will. It is time to understand. Life is work, sometimes very heavy. If you have seen the raisin bread in a dream, and you picked out the raisins from the crumb, it suggests that your business will fail. It is not necessary to invest the power and the weight of it all will remain without result.

Culinary dream book

To taste raisins – to a risky situation. If people dare to take the risk, so be prepared for the fact that it will be accompanied by sorrows, cares and worries.

Dream interpretation for lovers

If you’re in a dream saw of the highlights, be prepared for suffering and torment of the soul. In the near future you will meet your soulmate, you will have setbacks in his personal life.

Dream Interpretation Freud

In the dream to see the raisin – unexpected love adventure. These events diversify your life. It will be a short relationship that didn’t develop into love, but you don’t for a moment regret what happened.

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