Dream rainbow, dream interpretation

Rainbow in the sky – a beautiful natural phenomenon, it pleased both children and adults. As construed had a multicolored arc, you can learn from dreams.

What dreams rainbow

What dreams rainbow

Children’s dream book

Rainbow in a dream – a symbol of hope for better times. If it is double, then the dream promises fulfillment of all desires in the near future.

Slavic dream book

Rainbow in dream – symbol of the coming of abundance, joy, health, guest, weddings, good weather, good tidings and empty fears. If a bright arc lies on the East, the dream promises a change of happiness and wealth; in the West – good for the rich, or unfortunately for the poor man; over his head or very close – to quarrel with friends or family, poor health, illness, and sometimes death.

Dream Interpretation Azar

To dream of a rainbow – a waste of time, grief, deceit and false dreams.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Had a rainbow – a sign of hope for the happy change, happy and successful period in life.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

The dream shimmers in the sky the rainbow is a sign of weird and wonderful events. Faded rainbow – the separation from loved ones or loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

Seen in a dream a rainbow signifies protection, joyful changes, hopes for future happiness.

Dream Interpretation Cheremenskiy

A dream with rainbow is a very happy omen, a sign of good luck in love Affairs. You will be able to make a harmonious pair with a loved one.

Dream bitches

What dreams rainbow colored arc – the promise of happiness, sincerity and devotion in love; over the river – for distant travel, in which waiting for a good meet and purchase; over the field – reciprocity in love and harmony in marriage; over the forest – to the extraordinary luck; a happy and successful marriage, welfare, and best cases; low – to success started in the enterprise.

Esoteric dream book

Rainbow in dream – to a variety of interesting events and bright impressions, interesting journeys.

Women’s dream book

Seen in a dream a rainbow dream interpretered as a very happy character that promises a mutual understanding with others, the end of all differences, support in cases of receiving an abundant harvest, and unusually successful Union of the lovers.

If the rainbow is above the low trees of lush green foliage, this promise is essential to success in all cases; over your house – a harbinger of prosperity, peace and harmony in the family; over you – sign solutions to complex issues, friendly support and reconciliation with old enemies.

Disappearing in the sky rainbow in the dream – a reminder to pay more attention to loved ones.

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