What have trains and Railways?

New century – new characters, scientific-technical progress has led to the emergence of machines and structures in real life, it has led to their appearance in dreams. Now on different forums you can meet a question, what dream railway, and find many interpretations of this symbol.

What dreams railroad

What dreams railroad

Women’s dream book

According to the interpretation of women’s dreams, the railroad that appears in the dream is an important symbol of the business, understanding their place in the profession, the possible emergence of strong and powerful competitors.

Important is not only the symbol but also the entourage, the environment, and the actions performed by the person. There is a difference, walk on rails or sleepers, the first means moving forward and upward, and without much effort. It can also mean a quick success in business, career, and business. On the contrary, the movement along the tracks symbolizes the constant minor disturbances encountered on the way, which we have to overcome.

Erotic dream book

In this dream interpretation is your interpretation, what dreams railroad associated with intimate relationships. The appearance of this symbol means anxiety and fears about what people saw on the road) questioned your sexual possibilities, considers himself perfect enough for your partner. Railroad in a dream can be interpreted as a desire to move forward in the intimate sphere, to try to change radically the way through. The dream advises not to rush, ensuring that everything will change for the better.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

In this collection, which has become known in recent years, there is your explanation, what dream railroad. An important caveat, had the symbol of the human hand, which acts as a passenger, or the way he sees those who are associated with him in professional activities: engineer, Explorer.

To the outsider the appearance of the railroad in your dream indicates a real journey, and the unexpected distant or lengthy. If the symbol appears in the dream of the railway, it is treated differently, this is an allusion to service troubles and troubles.

Individual variations of interpretation, what dream of trains and the railroad: train rides by a man and does not stop, means missed opportunities. If stopped and the doors opened in front of the person is a good sign, which means that soon we should wait for help, and stalled the case will budge.

On the contrary, the train crash means trouble in different spheres of life, including the collapse of hopes or plans.

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