What have rabbits

Rabbit dream is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Its image is closely associated with the concepts of «children», «loyalty», «internal fears», «constant movement».

What have rabbits

What have rabbits

The Dream Miller

Rabbits, according to the American psychologist, to dream of happy coincidence. In the near future, your financial Affairs will improve. White rabbit in a dream – proof that the loved one loyal to you. If all around you are empty a lot of mischievous animals, then joy will give you descendants.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

Blind Bulgarian witch said that the rabbit is in a dream can be as light and bad omen. For example, white individuals portend a romantic acquaintance, which may subsequently be fatal. For married people the rabbits – a symbol of a happy marriage and fidelity. If you saw in a dream the animal with an unusual color, wait for the unexpected change in fortunes. What a dream black rabbit? Before the damage, financial losses, diseases. For a man who accept in the dream the animal in his hands, wanders in reality die.

Dream Lynn

A renowned expert on the esoteric Denise Linn believes that the appearance of a rabbit in a dream may indicate have been driven deep into the consciousness of fears. In addition, it may signal internal anxieties, lack of clear vision of the purpose. In this case, one needs to clearly define priorities, to meet fear face to face. What have rabbits to tired people? That it is time to spend more time in the family nest, to relax, to be gentle and kind-hearted.

Gypsy dream book

A dream in which a rabbit (Bunny) sits quietly, predicts a chance to increase well-being. An animal in a cage promises great wealth. What have rabbits small? To some pleasant, but not too profitable business. White beast hints at inheritance, black – high risk intended enterprise, the possibility of major financial losses.

A modern dream book

What dreams a lot of rabbits? Please note on your health: may you develop a neurosis. If you dream you saw a cornered rabbit, in the foreseeable future you have to help the suffering loved one. The appearance of cowardly animal in a dream can also portend unpleasant conversation with the boss. However, if sleep from Thursday to Friday of a difficult situation at work you will be able to get out.

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