Answer questions in your sleep: dream interpretation

Inquisitive people ask questions not only awake but also during sleep. If you want someone to answer in their dreams, then in real life, will definitely achieve what you want. Let’s look in the dream book: dream of the people who seek to know the whole truth, despite its bitter nature. Their actions will always be fair, it will bring success and respect of others.

k chemu snitsya otvechat na voprosy, sonnik

What a dream to answer the question of dream interpretation

Ask and answer questions

In the dream, answer the questions himself stands like this: you will be treated unfairly and will be held accountable in real life. Soon you will have to answer for yours or others actions. People take advantage of you, knowing your unselfishness and hard work. Dream warns: do not be naive, do not need to report to all for their personal business.

If in a dream is asking the dreamer to other people – in life you will be surrounded by loyal friends. You always do the right thing, in the conscience and seek the same from teammates. The dream is preparing you to fight for the truth, which will have to defend in the next few days.

The crux of the matter

To answer the question in the dream about some particular subject, the dreamer will torment unfounded jealousy. He will persistently seek confirmation of the fact of treason. Because of this, he will be ashamed afterwards. Try to rein in your emotions, the more trust your loved one.

You are asking about something that is insignificant, foolish, uncertain – in reality you will unexpected events happen, you will act spontaneously, surprising themselves.

If the person is still awake, but wonders what symbolizes this dream, it means that he is able to manage their dreams. To control them, not everyone, but you, apparently, have this ability.

Who asks the question

If asked a good friend – you will soon meet the man that will lead him on an interesting conversation.

Neighbors – anxiety, worry about loved ones problems.

Grandmother, grandfather, parents – you need counsel from experienced people.

Man your attention harasses another man, it can lead to conflict in the family.

Fellow the humiliation, the insult.

The stranger – a change in the intimate personal lives for the better.

People who ask questions in a dream, looking for answers in life, feel the need for it. When your search is complete, you will know what you wanted to know, such dreams will cease to visit you.

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