What having a purse with money?

A dream in which dreamed purse, promises the beginning of change. The person he had chose a new path. Fate favors him. But efforts to make it has only. On this depends the success or complete collapse. To see a new accessory to excessive demands. The red to greed. There is nothing wrong with money, but we should not forget about intangibles.

Dream purse

What does it mean to dream of a purse with money

Love dream interpretation

A dream in which there was a purse with money, promises a joyful event associated with romantic moments. In reciprocity of feelings do not need to doubt.

The Dream Miller

What having a purse with money, diamonds and securities – so it is to strengthen its position in society. Empty – a sign of future financial impairment or long road to social heights. But not everything is hopeless.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

The purse in the dream is not always associated with material goods. So, it can warn of impending fateful encounter with the man who will become the husband or wife.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

To see this accessory need to fear cash-strapped times. Why not postpone in advance for a rainy day? It is also a symbol of debt, spending, delays of payments.

English dream interpretation

Filled with money wallet to a successful marriage (marriage).

The Russian dream book

This accessory is to dream – to possible win-win situation (you can even hit the jackpot). An empty wallet in the near future financial well-being will bypass the dreamer’s side.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Finding money in a dream, filled with money – lucky. Empty – will have a lot of effort applied to promotion of any business. Old – to ensure that the job requires a lot of effort. To find someone lost wallet to a good turn in the financial sector.


Dream interpretation indicates that full wallet – material losses, and empty, on the contrary, to acquisitions. A sense become characters on the basis that everything I saw in the dream must be taken with opposite meanings.

The dreams of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

Just seen the purse – a «green light» initiatives. Shabby, ragged, old – to be very careful. It is impossible to treat the matter superficially. Missed minor flaws can let the whole project down the drain.

Your old wallet to see – for a possible revival of forgotten ties, or relations.

To lose to carelessness.

Find dishonest income. Now it is better not to risk and not to put everything on the line. You need to review the books and not get involved in disputes and sweepstakes.

To see the money, but they are without purse – a good sign.

To get out of the purse money – up to reckless spending.

To buy something need to a profitable acquisition.

Perhaps the dream warns about purses that you need to periodically take a break from work without money. The only way the peace of mind and cheerful mood will help to achieve the high set bar.

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