What a dream buy?

To make purchases in a dream, according to General interpretation, promises profit. Better understand dreams help the subtleties – what bills were payment for a purchase that was bought. To better understand what a dream buy, you should pay attention to the item that has been bought.

Dream interpretation buying

What dream of buying anything

A modern dream book

To buy something in a dream predicts the approach of success in business, a profitable agreement with partners, superiors.

Women’s dream book

Purchase events that will soon bring monetary gain.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

To buy sleep – getting satisfaction from their professional activities, self-assertion at the expense of earlier action.

To buy with the money of large denomination – happy events, success in business and in all endeavors.

To pay when buying a trifle is vanity, the expected income will necessarily be received, but after a short delay.

Buying on credit – the desire for accumulation, purchase. Here much attention should be paid to the subject of purchase.

To buy without money, see money when you purchase anything – desires do not match capabilities.

To make a purchase, but the goods thus taken for granted – respect from others, ability to keep everything under control.

Buying expensive things is an attempt to look better in front of others, self-assertion at the expense of material resources.

To make small purchases in a dream – uncertainty, doubt, indecision in making important decisions.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

In this dream, purchase, pleasure, joy. To buy something in the shop, store for possible losses. To make purchases in the market – a lot of talk behind, intrigue, gossip.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Buy from random people – there is a suggestion that you should think about, before accepting. To buy something in the store – the time has come to take decisive steps to radically change your life. To select a purchase in the dream, but did not buy it, scandals, quarrels related to the unfounded claims of someone.

Star dream interpretation

The purchase means the actions associated with responsibility, their own obligation to the people. What will happen, will tell the interpretation of other events from sleep.

Buying a friend – maybe the obligations undertaken in front of this man has not been fully implemented. Interpersonal relationship with him on the verge of collapse.

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