Dream pumpkins, dream interpretation

In our dreams, every detail and every object has its special meaning. And even such an ordinary and familiar to all vegetable, like a pumpkin, appears in our dreams is not accidental. What dream pumpkin? The answer will suggest the most reputable downers of the world.

What dream pumpkin

What dream pumpkin

A modern dream book

Uvidennoe in the dream pumpkin may portend conflicts with colleagues.

To cook something pumpkin – you will well-being.

Any dish with pumpkin – a valuable acquisition, a large purchase or gift. If the dream of a unmarried girl, waiting for her arranged marriage; the young man – his love will be rejected.

Ukrainian dream book

To see a pumpkin in a dream – a good sign. To see the pumpkin girl to the emergency wedding, the young man for matchmaking. Other pumpkins promise to increase the family. There is a pumpkin to disease.

Children’s dream book

Children’s dream book interprets the pumpkin seen in a dream as a harbinger of the fulfillment of all cherished desires.

The American dream

Pumpkin in a dream – to a peaceful, prosperous life, well-being.

Dream Interpretation Tarot

Seen in a dream yellow pumpkin promises you victory in competitions and disputes.

Dream Interpretation Of Yuri Longo

Mature big pumpkin in a dream – you have a plan, which under favorable circumstances will bring you great benefit. However, you doubt that loved ones will support you in your endeavours. Do not hesitate! You are on the right track, feel free to bring your ideas to life.

To grow a pumpkin in reality you’re busy complicated and time consuming, requiring a lot of commitment, but which will certainly bring good results.

Rip pumpkin – you will find a quick reward for all your efforts.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Dream interpretation according to Fedorov, pumpkin in a dream symbolizes litigation. If you are planting in your sleep it, you have to go to court with a claim to acquaintance. Pour the pumpkin – you’ll be rich after winning the case.

See someone planting a pumpkin – close relatives will be served for you in court. Sell – will testify in court against someone. Buy or receive as a gift – you are called to defend someone’s honor.

The newest dream book

To dream of a pumpkin – warning: do not think that everything without exception surrounding respect and appreciate you. Perhaps you have a secret ill-wishers.

Chinese dream interpretation

There are pumpkin seeds to give birth to a noble child.

Culinary dream book

Pumpkin portend strife, empty and unpleasant conversations. If you eat pumpkin, you will find well-being, perhaps you will make a profit.

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